Astronomy Club of Asheville educates, amazes at UNCA’s Lookout Observator­y

To gain perspective on one’s life, sometimes a look skyward into the inky nocturnal abyss is all it takes to realize just how small we really are. “Life is more than about just meeting a certain deadline at work,” said Dominic Lesnar, the president of the Astronomy Club of Asheville. “It’s great to see the […]

Universal joint: UNCA teams with Astronomy Club to build new observator­y

All eyes are on the skies: Eyes on the skies: Last month, UNCA announced a plan to partner with the Astronomy Club of Asheville to build a small observatory on the south-facing hillside at the north end of campus, at the end of Nut Hill Road. Key partners in the observatory plan include (from left) UNCA’s Brian Dennison and Judy Beck, and Bernie Arghiere, president of the Astronomy Club of Asheville. (photos by Max Cooper)