Grove Arcade can’t pay its debt to the city

The Grove Arcade is struggling to make payments on renovation debts to city, despite nearly $1 million received per year in rents, the city of Asheville’s Planning and Economic Development Committee learned today at its May 18 meeting. City Council member Jan Davis said that the city would, in his opinion, have to help the Arcade with its debt. The committee passed the decision on to City Council.

Council funds Transit System improvemen­ts, waives arts-event fees, passes smoking ban

At its April 27 meeting, Asheville City Council:
• delayed a decision whether to cut its event-sponsorship support;
• transferred $2.4 million from health-insurance reserves to cover operating shortfalls;
• approved a plan to improve the city bus system, launch a new Transit logo and market the bus service
• waived fees for arts events in Pritchard Park, and
• passed a city-wide smoking ban on public property.

Asheville City Council raises various fees, gives guidance to WNC state legislator­s

At this evening’s meeting, Asheville City Council voted to raise various construction, planning and transit fees, as well as water fees; decided what to ask our local delegation what to push for in Raleigh; heard a Civic Center report; and held off deciding whether to support a League of Municipalities effort to release local governments from having to bargain collectively with unions.