Target someone less vulnerable

Given the public's lack of information on government in our country at present, the "Cecil Bothwell emails" cited in the Jan. 23 "Asheville Disclaimer" constitute attack. So much of public discourse has become hostile and deliberately misleading, it is indistinguishable from parody. City Council member Bothwell has been deliberately maligned and demonized by his opponents. […]

Mind the crack!

Now that a crack has been discovered in the dome of St. Lawrence Basilica, we know that heavy construction in the area is likely to bring down the wonderful Guastavino tiles, and perhaps the dome with it. We don't need another hotel near one of Asheville's most famous attractions. City Council member Cecil Bothwell is […]

Send Bothwell to Congress

We live today with a partisan, obstructionist, quagmire of a Congress that has earned itself a 9 percent approval rating. Cynicism abounds. No single factor accounts for the current state of affairs, but I'm convinced that the corrupting influence of big, special interest money, considered free speech, plays a large role. With big money doing […]

Support Cecil!

Cecil Bothwell is running for U.S. Congress in Western Northern Carolina. He is looking to unseat the conservative pro-corporate Blue Dog Democrat Heath Shuler in the next Democratic Party primary to be held on May 8, 2012. This is a rare opportunity for the people of Western North Carolina to elect an honest and forward-thinking […]