Blue Dogs rule?

At an Aug. 26 luncheon sponsored by the Council of Independent Business Owners, Rep. Heath Shuler emphasized his credentials as a moderate "Blue Dog" Democrat who’s willing to buck both parties to do what he thinks is best for the country. Touting his efforts to bring jobs to the region, lower the deficit and reinstate […]

CIBO discussion­: Property values and the state of the local economy

About 50 local business owners gathered over grilled chicken yesterday for a discussion about property values and the state of Asheville’s economy. The monthly “Power Lunch Meeting” was sponsored by the Council of Independent Business Owners and featured a panel of city, county and business leaders, including County Tax Collector Gary Roberts, County Attorney Michael Frue, Asheville City Manager Gary Jackson and the owner of Spake Real Estate, John Spake.

Nesbitt, Durant and Gibson talk economics at today’s CIBO meeting

Without federal stimulus funds, North Carolina “would have had no choice but to close public schools. … We would have had a Great Depression; we were that close to the brink,” said N.C. Sen. Martin Nesbitt at today’s issues meeting of the Council of Independent Business Owners. And the city of Asheville’s CFO Ben Durant warned that the city’s credit will be limited for years to come, noting that the city has reduced an estimated $5 million deficit in the next fiscal year’s budget to $3 million. Warren Wilson College’s Phil Gibson joked with the sometimes hard-nosed CIBO crowd, “I know many consider us the hippie, granola-munching college, but we are a business.”

CIBO’s last-minute stand

Leaders of the Council of Independent Business Owners have filed a lawsuit seeking to block the formation of the WNC Regional Air Quality Agency’s proposed Clean Air Community Trust Fund, calling the body illegal and objecting to its funding source. CIBO leaders have also sent letters asking state officials to delay their approval of the […]