Where credit is due

Western North Carolina residents who want to change the health insurance they receive through the Affordable Care Act, or who want to sign up for a plan through the health insurance marketplace, can do so during a special enrollment period ending Sunday, Aug. 15. And local nonprofits urge people to explore their options for potentially […]

The modern elder: Reclaiming what’s sacred in life’s later stages

From the Get It! Guide: As the boomer generation moves into elderhood, many are realizing what’s at stake when elders are lost from the social fabric. They’re aghast at the realities of our current model of care and are sparking a movement that seeks to redefine the later stages of life — not just for the benefit of elders but for the enrichment of all generations.

Nonprofit spotlight: The Council on Aging of Buncombe County relies on the kindness of its community

What do you do? Provide services, support and information to help folks with the challenges of getting older. Services range from Medicare enrollment classes to providing at-risk older adults with emergency 911 cell phones. Annually, as of June 2011, the Council on Aging interacts with approximately 3,500 persons aged 60 and older and their caregivers. […]

Living treasures and hospital duels

Live long enough to be honored: Three Western North Carolina centenarians were honored May 24 at a Century Club Celebration at Park Ridge Health in Hendersonville. Grace Goodell, 102, Helen Adwin, 100, and Carol Hoyt, 101, received congratulation letters on behalf of Sens. Richard Burr and Kay Hagan, as well as Rep. Heath Shuler.  Chad […]