Weavervill­e trailer owners helped by developer

Weaverville First, an activist group formed in response to development plans that will displace residents in the Mountain Terrace trailer park, announced this week that they have secured substantial funding from Harris, Murr and Vermillion, developers of the project. The trailer park is located on part of an 85-acre parcel slated for North Ridge Common which will include a Wal-Mart and a Lowes building-materials store.

A road less trammeled

With a laugh, Shuford feigned surprise that the Staples office-supply building swept the voting among bad examples. The good, the good-or-bad and the ugly: The Atlanta Bread Company and the Medicine Shoppe topped a recent poll of Merrimon-area residents for best design, while CVS Pharmacy and the Medicine Shoppe finished first and second in the […]

Asheville City Council

“It’s always tough to see neighborhoods changing like this. But we all have to make room in a growing community.” — Council member Brownie Newman on condos proposed for the East End/Valley Street Neighborhood Whether a neighborhood is upscale or working-class, residents seem to be of one mind when it comes to new development in […]