From the vaults: a 2007 look at Yelton, Asheville’­s local far-right

With Don Yelton’s controversial remarks on the Daily Show making national news, here’s some context about local right-wing activism. In 2007, Xpress profiled the Carolina Stompers, a local hardline conservative activist group including Yelton and then-future Buncombe GOP Chair Chad Nesbitt, known for flamboyant tactics and its promises to “stomp” liberalism.

CTS is not about politics — it’s about people and the environmen­t

I think it’s only fair and just to actually look at the facts that escaped Mr. Ramsey in his letter in the Oct. 5 Xpress [“Don Yelton, Problem Solvent”]. I am an environmental-systems engineer with a concentration in water-quality management. I have a master’s degree in environmental-systems engineering from Clemson University and a master’s degree […]

Don Yelton, problem solvent

Thanks for keeping the community updated on the tragedy in slow motion happening at CTS [“Going Green,” Sept. 21 Xpress]. Don Yelton, a conservative talk-show host and political aspirant, brings up an interesting, yet straightforward scientific question: Will demolishing the building widen the scope of the already terrible industrial pollution on Mills Gap Road? Considering […]

Board of Elections: GOP concerns over legality of early voting site were baseless ***UPDATED­***

No action was taken at a Thursday evening, Sept. 16, emergency meeting of the Buncombe County Board of Elections after it clarified that the door of Rep. Heath Shuler’s congressional office was 25 feet away from the door of a planned early-voting location at 199 College St. in downtown Asheville. The board called the meeting in response to complaints by the Buncombe County GOP that the proximity of the two offices could possibly violate state law that requires a buffer zone between voting sites and election-related activity.

Buncombe County Commission

“I understand that we live in a diverse community today. But why do we need to allow diversity that is foreign to us?” — Pastor Jerry Young, Trinity Baptist Church At 4 p.m., the fear in the room was already so thick you could almost taste it. But many of those attending the Buncombe County […]