Asheville’s food pioneers: An interview with three of the founders of Asheville Independen­t Restaurant­s

One of the most notable aspects of¬†Asheville’s culinary community is its focus on camaraderie rather than competition. Tangible proof of this phenomenon is the success of Asheville Independent Restaurants, an organization formed in 2002 by a group of local chefs and restaurant owners who¬†joined forces to create a united front for the betterment of Asheville’s […]

Asheville BID Board blasts Council over skepticism­, delays

At a meeting Thursday morning, March 14, members of the downtown Asheville Business Improvement District board harshly criticized Asheville City Council for delaying approval of the BID’s proposed bylaws and expressing “disappointment” that the board hadn’t also submitted a detailed budget. Many board members said they were almost ready to walk away from the project.

The good thing

Early on in my life, someone told me that there was no problem that couldn’t be solved if you asked the right questions. That advice has come to mind when evaluating what to do about the Parkside condominium project. Anytime a subject so controversial and divisive faces the community, I think we are all torn […]