INVESTMENT IN THE RIVERBANK: Woodfin Riverside Park is an existing part of what may someday be a sizable greenway connecting a system of parks and other green spaces along a transportation vein throughout the county.

Big project, big debt: Woodfin voters to decide future of greenway project with higher taxes in the balance

The question that may surprise and even confuse some Woodfin residents as they dutifully mark their ballots is: Should the 6,300 residents of the town of Woodfin take on an additional $4.5 million in debt to pay for a greenway, parks and other public works projects along the stretch of the French Broad that flows through […]

Woodfin planning board defers decision on 196-unit Elk Mountain developmen­t

The majority of those attending a Woodfin Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on Monday, April 4 had to stand — and many of them had to stand in the hall outside the meeting room, unable to hear or see the proceedings. After two hours of public comment, commissioners voted unanimously to defer a decision on the 196-unit Cornerstone project proposed for Elk Mountain overlooking Beaver Lake.