Buncombe Commissioners vote to buy former Volvo site for $7 million-attachment0

Buncombe Commission­ers vote to buy former Volvo site for $7 million

The Buncombe County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously June 28 to purchase the former Volvo plant at 2169 Hendersonville Road for $7 million in taxpayer funds. In the weeks leading up to the vote, county, city and state leaders have hinted that the purchase is part of a larger, multifaceted arrangement with a private employer to take over the site. And in the hours leading up to the vote, WLOS News 13 began reporting that the employer is the Canadian-based Linamar Corporation, a large manufacturer of engines, transmissions and drive trains.

Buncombe County Commissioners preview: Buy it and they will come?  ***UPDATED Tues. 3:10 PM***-attachment0

Buncombe County Commission­ers preview: Buy it and they will come?  ***UPDATED Tues. 3:10 PM***

At its June 28 meeting, the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners will consider buying the former Volvo plant on Hendersonville Road for $7 million in hopes of luring another large employer to the property. Meanwhile, the hints keep coming that the purchase could be part of a broader multifaceted jobs announcement: Board Chair David Gantt says “it’ll be one of the biggest hits we’ve had in years.” And News 13 Anchor Russ Bowen reports via Twitter that “sources say Linamar automotive parts company to take over Volvo plant.”

Sen. Apodaca needs a math lesson

Poor Republican Sen. Apodaca. The self-disgust this husband of a former school teacher must feel apparently runs pretty deep given the lengths he goes to in his attempts to construct a consoling counter-narrative amid the howls of protest at his party's wholesale gutting of North Carolina's public education system. According to figures from the state […]

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Asheville has been getting a lot of new buildings around town, in such places as UNCA, Asheville High, AB-Tech and the courthouse. Where is the money coming from to fund all these? You guessed it: job cuts. The state is also reducing or cutting much-needed mental-health services across the North Carolina. UNCA cut staff or […]

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I was rather surprised by your recent article "Bottled in Bond” [Dec. 22 Xpress]. This "reporter" is a joke and has written a completely biased, libelous and one-sided smear piece to further [his] friend’s obvious vendetta. The Mountain Xpress should be ashamed of publishing such tabloid yellow journalism. I have it on good authority (my […]

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Over the course of the 100 bloody years that it took the U.S. labor movement to win the eight-hour workday, labor militants struck, rioted and were executed for what was then seen as an overly radical demand that would destabilize industry and ruin the economy. Capitalism has undergone massive restructuring on a global scale, including […]

The Biz

Creative Careers Talk At Unca Thursday, Feb. 5: You can create it, but can you sell it? UNCA’s Career Center is offering a chance to talk creative careers with experienced hands who do just that on Thursday, Feb. 5, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Mountain Suites at the university’s Highsmith University Union. The […]