A man’s world? Three successful women chefs share their experience­s

It’s hardly breaking news that the food industry is a male-dominated field. What’s interesting is that the tides are reportedly changing: The number of women entering culinary schools is rising steadily, more and more women are working in the industry, and a female executive chef is far from the jaw-dropping news it was 20 years ago. But even as the modifier “female” before the word “chef” becomes more annoying than warranted, it’s still the case that women are a minority in the industry and are less likely than men to fill leadership positions in the kitchen.

Valentine’­s Day: Plan B

If you’re a true Romeo (or Romea), you’ve no doubt got everything worked out for celebrating Valentine’s Day: flower delivery scheduled, champagne chilling and — most importantly — dinner reservations made. If you’re like the rest of us workaday schlubs however, your dinner reservations for the Big Day Of Love are no more real at this point than a bow-wielding winged baby.