Living-wage “offsets” are questionab­le

I was deeply disappointed to read Jake Frankel's Aug. 24 Xpress article “Working It: Living Wages are Good for Business” which states “living wage — currently $11.35 per hour without health insurance or $9.85 per hour with it.” This statement ignores the fine print in Just Economics' Living Wage Certification Program, which can be found […]

Just Economics responds

Just Economics is proud to inform your reader that we closely reviewed the criteria with which we certify a business at great length, with a special focus on “offsets” earlier this year. We eliminated any offsets not related to the basic needs of a single individual. We do, however, recognize that if an employer offers […]

V for Values, not Vendetta

I offer this in response to Josh Yazell's Jan. 5 letter, “Buchi Story More Vendetta than Journalism,” a response to David Forbes' article “Bottled in Bond” [Dec. 22 Xpress]. As Forbes responded to Yazell, claims presented to them by me were investigated and documented. In interviews with Xpress, the Asheville Citizen-Times and [the radio program] […]

“Local” doesn’t guarantee ethical business

The recent article on the firing at Buchi Kombucha should serve as a reminder that “local” business doesn’t inherently mean fair business ["Bottled in Bond," Dec. 22 Xpress]. Often the economic re-localization movement presents “local” as a panacea for a wide variety of economic and social woes while ignoring the systemic pressures brought to bear […]

Buchi story more vendetta than journalism

I was rather surprised by your recent article "Bottled in Bond” [Dec. 22 Xpress]. This "reporter" is a joke and has written a completely biased, libelous and one-sided smear piece to further [his] friend’s obvious vendetta. The Mountain Xpress should be ashamed of publishing such tabloid yellow journalism. I have it on good authority (my […]