“Local” doesn’t guarantee ethical business

The recent article on the firing at Buchi Kombucha should serve as a reminder that “local” business doesn’t inherently mean fair business ["Bottled in Bond," Dec. 22 Xpress]. Often the economic re-localization movement presents “local” as a panacea for a wide variety of economic and social woes while ignoring the systemic pressures brought to bear […]

Buchi story more vendetta than journalism

I was rather surprised by your recent article "Bottled in Bond” [Dec. 22 Xpress]. This "reporter" is a joke and has written a completely biased, libelous and one-sided smear piece to further [his] friend’s obvious vendetta. The Mountain Xpress should be ashamed of publishing such tabloid yellow journalism. I have it on good authority (my […]

The S- and C-words

On the surface, David Forbes’ excellent article about socialism, (“The Other S-Word,” May 2 Xpress) featured two Asheville City Council members engaging in a fairly polite conversation about economic systems. Between the lines, however, time-warping Cold Warrior/Council member Carl Mumpower was hurling accusations of socialism like Molotov cocktails. And because of the S-word’s connotations for […]