Supreme Court issues stay, preserving NC gay marriage ban

The U.S. Supreme Court responded today, Aug. 20, to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision last month to strike down a same-sex marriage ban by issuing a stay that bars the practice pending further action by the court. The move is a disappointment to equality advocates who hoped that today’s deadline would pass without […]

It’s time for the silent majority to be silent no more

In light of the misrepresentations and downright untruths that are being spread about the events of Nov. 15 in downtown Bakersville, I thought I would share some “truths” about the event. The truth: The N.C. legislature recently voted to allow the voters of the state to amend the state constitution to include a legal definition […]

A question of civility

Once upon a time, we stood before the Rev. Henry L. Johnson in the basement of a county courthouse. It wasn’t what most folks would call a romantic dream wedding, but it did have its charms. We were in the basement because the office used by the clergy who volunteered to marry people at the […]