Clean up our community

I too am offended by the trashy digital billboard on Merrimon [“Fight the Digital Billboard,” June 29 Xpress]. I am asking other members of our community to also write a letter to the editor calling for the removal of the billboard. Clean up our community! — Sarah Jane Thomas Asheville

Asheville City Council

At their two-hour Sept. 18 meeting, Asheville City Council members once again held off on rezoning portions of Merrimon Avenue and approving new rules governing development there after business and property owners reiterated concerns that the proposed changes were too stringent and would cause severe financial hardship. Merrimon’s future: Merrimon Avenue-area residents and businesses were […]

A road less trammeled

With a laugh, Shuford feigned surprise that the Staples office-supply building swept the voting among bad examples. The good, the good-or-bad and the ugly: The Atlanta Bread Company and the Medicine Shoppe topped a recent poll of Merrimon-area residents for best design, while CVS Pharmacy and the Medicine Shoppe finished first and second in the […]