War is literally against nature

Peacetown Asheville and Local 099 Veterans for Peace are asking Asheville City Council to pass a resolution stressing the importance of “bringing our war dollars home,” where they are needed to rebuild our infrastructure. Future wars aren’t justifiable with their killing masses of our own and other people leading to devastating unintended consequences. We are […]

Labor Day should celebrate labor

Shame on the Asheville Symphony and partner Pack Square Park Conservancy for its concert at Diana Wortham Theatre. The repertoire was distinctively non-labor and slanted toward militarism. The concert began with the “Star Spangled Banner,” with a uniformed military color guard at attention, holding American and military flags. The conductor midway through the concert made […]

Males, war and PTSD

Our VOINCAs the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan grind on, another threat is growing here at home. And though it’s invisible, it has the same potential to spawn abuse, maiming and death. This threat targets the families and loved ones of untreated or poorly treated soldiers suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder and other emotional conditions […]