Watch where you point that pen, Molton

I'll admit to the occasional forced chuckle when I read the weekly “Molton” cartoon. Usually I'm laughing because the artist has attacked a social or political demographic with which I disagree with an awkward, amateurish version of middle school humor. How different it felt when I opened the Jan. 30 Mountain Xpress to find, this […]

Gimme a break: Asheville Middle School kids need a high-quality recess

I’m not going to sugarcoat this.

Attention all you cyclists, tennis players, golfers, walkers, hikers, runners, rowers, gardeners! Or anyone who likes to go outside for any reason as a break in your day when you have the chance! Yeah, you: LISTEN UP! “Asheville Middle School students no longer get to go outside for a midday break,” local mom Leslie Poplawski wrote for the the Nov. 21, 2012, issue of Xpress. “Some of them are up at the crack of dawn to catch a bus and don’t get home till 4:30. Then they have homework and dinner, and for various reasons (including, sometimes, safety), many can’t or don’t go outside after that. …”

Uneasy answers-attachment0

Uneasy answers

The Dec. 5 cover story, “No Easy Answers: Lexington Avenue’s Uncertain Future,” which explored the state of affairs on the last, northern block of the street, proved to be aptly titled. Many readers responded. Here are their letters, along with Xpress’ response, links to the original story and a report on the followup meeting with Lexington Avenue retailers. (Photo of North Lexington Avenue by night by Max Cooper)