We need to talk

“A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.” That title line of an early ‘60s musical comedy-of-errors has now turned out to be more pertinent to Asheville than we might wish. For the last two months, Mountain Xpress has been working to pull together a forum on the broader governmental issues underlying the […]

The talking magnolia

The extensive resistance to building right on top of the disputed magnolia tree in City/County Plaza proves there’s still plenty of vitality in Asheville’s old democratic bones. Many usually apolitical people have joined the fight, saying something like, “This is the last straw.” But the last straw in what? If the magnolia could speak, I […]

Asheville City Council

Pack Square Park on track Horizons urban-village project delayed As protesters massed outside City Hall on July 15, developer Stewart Coleman told Asheville City Council members about his plans for the controversial Parkside condominium project. It was the first time Coleman had appeared before Council to discuss the project. Slated for the south side of […]

The good thing

Early on in my life, someone told me that there was no problem that couldn’t be solved if you asked the right questions. That advice has come to mind when evaluating what to do about the Parkside condominium project. Anytime a subject so controversial and divisive faces the community, I think we are all torn […]

Poisoned fruit

Developer Stewart Coleman apparently thinks to use a legal loophole to do an end run around public and City Council opposition to his proposed Parkside condos adjacent to City Hall. Here’s what’s wrong with this picture: Aside from the litany of serious problems with his plans, citizen scrutiny of Parkside this past year has exposed […]