Community activist and Hill Street Baptist Church member Dwayne Barton performs poetry Dec. 14 at the church. Barton was one speaker during a special Black Lives Matter service, where parishioners came together to honor and remember people of color killed by police recently in this country.

Black Lives Matter service remembers, searches for answers in community

“Jim Crowe is dead, but he left his children, including James Crowe, Esq.,” said Rev. Dr. Keith Ogden, host pastor at Hill Street Baptist Church. “He’s got the ‘esquire’ after his name because he’s writing policies to keep folks disenfranchised.” The church hosted a Black Lives Matter service Dec. 14 to remember black lives lost […]

Asheville Public Information Officer Dawa Hitch talks to community members on how to improve police communication

APD unveils new operations plan

In an age of instant communication and social media, Asheville Police are still stuck in the 20th century. “The Asheville Police Department does a lot of good,” said Police Chief William Anderson. “What we’re not good at is getting that information out to the public.” Anderson was speaking to the 20 attendees of the department’s first meeting […]

Asheville City Council

Asheville City Council agreed at its May 15 session to begin the process of annexing three areas abutting city limits. The law won: Asheville City Council may boost the police budget by $1 million, providing for more personnel and additional tools to combat drugs and other crimes. photo by Jonathan Welch Unlike recent Council meetings […]