Smoked out

In January, something once considered unthinkable will come to pass. Across North Carolina—once the heartland of tobacco—smoking will be banned in bars and restaurants. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em (for now): Hookah Joe’s owner Joseph McHugh and bartender Cara Diggins enjoy a puff. Hookahs fall under the new state smoking ban, which will take […]

Getting the lead out

New lead-testing rules due to take effect Feb. 10 have local booksellers, toy retailers, crafters and even libraries struggling to understand what the regulations mean for them. Ruled out?: Leslie Hawkins, owner of Spellbound Children’s Bookshop on Wall Street in downtown Asheville, worries that new lead-testing regulations could her force her out of business. Photo […]

A great day for quitters

An estimated 45 million Americans still smoke cigarettes, but come Thursday, Nov. 20, those numbers might drop a bit. It’s the American Cancer Society’s 33rd annual Great American Smokeout—a day when anti-tobacco forces rally on behalf of smokers, and would-be ex-smokers are encouraged to spend the day puffless in solidarity with each other. Puffed enough?: […]

Buncombe Commission­ers

CTS contamination spreads New storm-water rules approved The Buncombe County Board of Commissioners sold a piece of parkland to developer Stewart Coleman; now they want it back. But they’re asking the city of Asheville to make it happen. At their June 24 meeting, the commissioners unanimously approved a resolution encouraging the city to agree to […]