Recent Xpress commentary is an embarrassm­ent

Felicia Dickson's misguided, rambling commentary on the "N-word" so clearly displayed her near-complete ignorance of racial relations, the laws of our land and normal human behavior that I felt it my duty to admonish her if not educate her [“Just Say No,” Feb. 15 Xpress]. I'm fully embarrassed on behalf of the Xpress that this […]

Satire and free speech are difficult and necessary

We must never forget that the South is composed chiefly of Bible-thumping, Confederate-flag-waving, potato-salad-eating, lazy-tongued, illiterate bigots [”Page 46 of the Jan. 4 Xpress Literally Made Me Cry,” Jan. 18 Xpress]. Clara Jones' letter indicates somehow that ethnic slurs and bigotry are unique to the Bible Belt. If she grew up in a working-class neighborhood, […]

Book Report: The Help

Kathryn Stockett’s debut novel is ambitious. Through a chain of events, the three women find themselves drawn together on a secret project that will reveal the never discussed relationships between Jackson, Mississippi’s black and white women who live and work side by side and yet never truly know one another.