Don’t throw red wolves under the bus

Thank you for your April 10 article "Don't Tread on Me." Your article mentions the possibility of closing the WNC Nature Center, home to one of the Species Survival Programs for critically endangered red wolves. There are fewer than 100 red wolves in the wild. Several of those have been killed in recent months by […]

Fewer than 100 red wolves are left

Thank you for posting the Nov. 16 Blogwire, “Reward Offered for Information Related to Fourth Red Wolf Death.” (See I fail to see the wisdom of continuing the night hunting of coyotes using spotlights that the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has allowed since August. Since then, four protected red wolves have been shot. […]

Stop hunting the red wolf

One was one too many! Now four radio-collared, endangered red wolves have been killed and still the nighttime hunting with spotlights in the red wolf habitat goes on. (See Why are these folks allowed to ignore the Endangered Species Act and continue killing? The red wolf recovery area/habitat should be free of hunting anything […]

The time for action is now

I am outraged that yet another endangered red wolf is dead. (See Not only is there no valid reason for the coyote hunt, but many of us tried to tell Executive Director Gordon Myers and the N.C. Wildlife Commission that the hunt put red wolves in danger. In a night hunt, it is next […]