UNCA and Asheville City schools announce dual enrollment opportunit­y

For high school students looking to get an early feel for the college experience, UNC Asheville will be providing an opportunity for dual-enrollment starting with the fall 2015 semester. Students from Asheville High School and SILSA (School of Inquiry & Life Sciences at Asheville) are eligible, with a financial aid fund being set aside through the college’s advancement office.

Charter schools are too valuable to dismiss

It is frustrating that we continue to hear some education officials and “experts” naming charter schools among the “threats” to public education [“Back To School,” May 1 Xpress]. This attitude, asserted by people who influence public understanding, is territorial, unfounded and has gone on for too many years now. Lumping charter schools into a category […]

Use tax dollars to support more students

I enthusiastically support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education in our schools, but there are many issues with putting it in the location recommended by the Buncombe County school board. The school will serve only 6 percent (400) of our high school students. Why not build STEM Learning Centers in our six comprehensive high […]