Lettuce, elevated

Black-seeded Simpson, Cherokee, Deer Tongue — the selection of locally grown lettuces available now, during ASAP’s Get Local lettuce month, goes far beyond iceberg. But, they’re not anything new. “There are a lot of really old varieties out there that consistently work well,” says Tuck Hunt who co-owns the year-old Swannanoa-based hydroponic operation, Heirloom Uprising, […]

The CSA community

ASAP’s CSA Fair is here, March 29; find more details below. This article is the second in a two-part series profiling farmers who will exhibit that are new to CSAs. Find the first, which focused on longtime CSA farmers, at Eatin’ in Season online. Community eatin’ After only one season of farming, Joe Evans of […]

Beyond collards

Here in the South, collards slow-simmered with a ham hock is a tradition — a staple that soothes and nourishes the soul. But collards aren’t the only local greens up for grabs this month, nor are they the only leafy veggie with a comforting culinary past. Embracing the green “Broccoli rabe reminds me of my […]

Saag Paneer

Molly and Meherwan Irani of Chai Pani share the secrets of their authentically green crowd-pleaser. Makes enough for a large family, with some left over (also great for a potluck dish). Paneer Ingredients: 1 gallon whole milk 1 pint half-and-half 1 quart whole yogurt 1 tsp of salt Method: To make fresh paneer at home, […]