Asheville water belongs to Asheville

I applaud former Mayor Leni Sitnick's stand against the forces in Raleigh that would rob Asheville of its water rights without due compensation. Rep. Tim Moffitt — he who was re-elected only because of gerrymandering — has been the stalking horse for the takeover of Asheville's rights by the corporate drones whom he represents. He […]

CIBO talks taxes, appoints new officers and board

Whether it was talk about the tax revaluation facing Buncombe County or the new tax rates coming from the Affordable Care Act, presentations at the Sept. 7 Council of Independent Business Owners breakfast focused on how these changes could impact the wallets of local business owners. These are the highlights. (Photo of Scott Huges, above, and Gary Roberts by Caitlin Byrd)

UPDATE: Buncombe County Commission­ers PASS public vote on AB-Tech tax hike

At this evening’s Jan. 18 meeting, the Buncombe County County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to put a one-quarter-of-1-cent sales-tax increase on the ballot to help fund $129 million in building improvements at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. The measure is now set to go up for a public vote on Election Day, Nov. 8.