Banning human anatomy

I have a few concerns after reading the Jan. 31 article, “Moffitt Proposes Ban on Public Female Toplessness.” (See To Rep. Tim Moffitt and all those he represents, especially Mayor Terry Bellamy and all Asheville City Council members who signed the letter asking people to avoid a rally: First of all, with all […]

Nullify the “no nipple” bill

N.C. House Bill 34, the bill proposed by Reps. Rayne Brown and Tim Moffitt, was inspired by the GoTopless protests in Asheville. The bill received national attention after being introduced recently by the NCGA House Judiciary Committee.   The goal of the bill is to make it illegal for women to expose any part of […]

Asheville water belongs to Asheville

I applaud former Mayor Leni Sitnick's stand against the forces in Raleigh that would rob Asheville of its water rights without due compensation. Rep. Tim Moffitt — he who was re-elected only because of gerrymandering — has been the stalking horse for the takeover of Asheville's rights by the corporate drones whom he represents. He […]

Get to know Tim Moffitt

Recently, I attended a public forum at Jubilee concerning the study and potential takeover of the Asheville city water system by a legislative “study committee” chaired by Rep. Tim Moffitt. A daunting majority of citizens attending were against the notion of the N.C. Legislature seizing this very valuable city water system and restructuring it as […]

The new party of change

Contrary to your Asheville letter writer last week concerning big government, I am a county resident and delighted to see our democratic rights finally exercised with two representatives from each of three districts on the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners, thanks to Rep. Tim Moffitt [“Moffitt Goes for Big Government,” Feb. 29 Xpress]. Maybe Asheville […]

Come off it, Moffitt

I can't believe the hubris of newly elected Buncombe County Rep. Tim Moffitt in attempting to rush through a bill (HB 471) in the North Carolina Legislature — without prior discussion with his constituents — that would drastically change the way Buncombe County is run. The bill, calling for county commissioners to be elected by […]

Let Buncombe vote!

A bill hurdling through the General Assembly [HB 471] will erase 220 years of Buncombe County tradition overnight, without the consent of the Buncombe County residents that it will affect. People may have different opinions on Tim Moffitt's proposal to expand the Buncombe County board of commissioners and allow people fewer votes. In 2007, when […]

The Beat: Getting the Statehouse in order

A look at what’s been making headlines: The North Carolina General Assembly continued to claim the spotlight last week as Republicans took control of both the House and Senate for the first time in more than a century. In other political news, Rep. Heath Shuler made waves by getting appointed to the powerful House Committee on the Budget. He also got made fun of in the famed Doonesbury comic strip. And in national attention of a different sort, news outlets nationwide reported that Fodors listed Asheville as a top travel destination.