WNCA’s Forest Keepers host Saturday, Nov. 8, seminar on navigation­, winter tree identifica­tion

Feeling lost? Lack a sense of direction? The Western North Carolina Alliance Forest Keepers initiative may be able to help. This Saturday, Nov. 8, a group of forest keepers will trek into the Craggy Mountains for a hands-on field workshop on orienteering and navigating in the woods (both on- and off-trail). The outing will run from 9 a.m. […]

Beyond Coal: Rally against Duke Energy plant brings out environmen­talists, TV vampire

A few hundred people rallied under clear blue skies in Pack Square Park Saturday afternoon to call on Duke Energy to shutter its Asheville coal plant and advocate for clean energy. The event, called “Beyond Coal: A Rally for Our Future,” featured local speakers, singers and popular TV actor/vampire Ian Somerhalder. [Photo gallery at the bottom.]

Burdens or bunkum? Proposed laws could destroy WNC’s water quality

To most Western North Carolinians, it might seem obvious that protecting access to clean water should be a top priority for our elected leaders. Besides making up 60 percent of the human body and being essential for drinking, irrigation and fisheries, water is a vital regional asset for recreation and scenic beauty.

But even putting all that aside, it’s also one of our most powerful economic engines. …

Green Drinks looks at how environmen­t will fare in new, red NC legislatur­e

The recently reconstituted Green Drinks enviro-social hour convened at Craggy Brewery Wednesday evening, Jan. 12, to learn about what’s at stake for the environment in the new North Carolina legislative session. Republicans have assumed a majority in both the state House and the Senate in this session — something that hasn’t happened here since Reconstruction.