Who’s playing LAAFF

The Broadcast plays LAFF

The band bios reflect the LAAFF schedule at press time. According to LAAFF organizers, “Anything else will just have to be a surprise!”

Aaron Wood & The Ends — North Carolina-native singer-songwriter-roots-rocker Aaron “Woody” Wood has been a staple of the local scene since his days with the Blue Rags and his contributions to the New Orleans-meets-Asheville Blue Brass project. He performs his latest songs with his band, The Ends. aaronwoodmusic.com

Ahleuchatistas — Math rock used to be the term applied to instrumental duo Ahleuchatistas. True, the complex guitar-and-drum sound is hard to typify, but over the years this band has honed its live show to a purely primal revelation. www.ahleuchatistas.com

Alex Krug Combo — Singer-songwriter Alex Krug leads this sextet, whose members are culled from hip-hop, blues and Americana bands. Together, they won the 2010 Mo Daddy's Brown Bag Songwriter contest. alexkrugmusic.com

Alligator Indian — Keeping Asheville weird is the mission of electro-quirk-pop duo Alligator Indian who meld offbeat melodies, itchy rhythms and darkly intriguing lyrics with lighting effects and face paint. alligatorindian.com

Andrea Lee and Voodoo Wedding — Led by singer-songwriter Andrea Lee, Voodoo Wedding is part folk and part indie-rock, but mostly it's a canvas for Lee's winsome lyrics. (Hint: She won a Twin Rivers Media Festival songwriting award.) reverbnation.com/voodoowedding

Andrew John Usher — “An American songwriter armed with six strings” is how Andrew Usher describes himself. And who are we to argue? Though we might add that he's a regular at local showcases and songwriter lineups. ajusher.com

Antique Firearms — Nattily dressed and impeccably rehearsed, Antique Firearms (led by the Dotson brothers) puts an atmospheric and cinematic spin on indie-rock, with stories, lyrics, fuzzy guitars and a strong rhythm section. reverbnation.com/antiquefirearms

Asheville Hoops Troupe — Asheville Hoops Troupe's mission is simple: “To bring the joy of hoop-dancing to people of all ages.” The group leads classes and workshops, hosts a weekly Hoop Jam in Pritchard Park, gives performances and sells hula hoops. ashevillehoops.com

Asian Teacher Factory — Keyboard, drums and guitar trio Asian Teacher Factory claims to sound like tortoises, though the band's first EP, Selfless Mind Indulgence, moves with more of a hare's deftness. Bright, nimble percussion underscores melodic lines that evoke jazz riffs, biological transmutation and the quieter scenes of vintage kung fu films. reverbnation.com/asianteacherfactory

Blood Gypsies — Jazz/blues quartet The Blood Gypsies is made up of members of the now-defunct Trainwreks. They sway, they stomp and they sneer through gritty, punk-informed folk that's as hard-traveling as it is well-played. reverbnation.com/thebloodgypsies

Bobby White with BIGhands — MC Bobby White is one half of local duo True Believers, a “socially conscious hip-hop duo dedicated to promoting peace and natural truths.” White is on the Underground Unheard label with BIGhands, a producer and lyricist who started as a poet. These days, BIGhands focuses on “wordplay, delivery, crowded syllable usage and complex rhyme schemes.” undergroundunheard.com

Brother Nomad — Pitts brothers Bryce and Ian lead this rock, blues and funk concoction. They're currently playing shows around the region. reverbnation.com/brothernomad

Chalwa — The genre “high country reggae” may sound like a comment on the rasta herb of choice, but indeed it has to do with Chalwa's Appalachian spin on reggae music. The band recently released Cool Mountains. reverbnation.com/chalwa

Chompin At The Bit String Band — The recipe for fine string band music, according to Chompin At The Bit String Band, involves raw energy, enthusiasm, spirit and drive — plus banjo, guitar, fiddle and bass. reverbnation.com/chompinatthebitstringband

Cindercat — If you've seen Cindercat once, don't expect to catch the same show again. Their bio says, “the band thrives on improvisation, continuously reshaping their live performances.” File under prog-rock and jamtronica with some seriously hypnotic soundscapes. reverbnation.com/cindercat

David Earl & The Plowshares — Otherwise known as “Asheville's favorite ex-boyfriend”, frontman David Earl preaches a gospel that's more about late-night Saturday than early morning Sunday. Fine by us. reverbnation.com/davidearlandtheplowshares

Delicious — Local rockers Delicious have made tenure on the music scene, and their sound — which ranges from psychedelic to indie — is a testament to the changes this group has seen.

DLX — Musician/producer DLX, aka Doctor Lazarus X, is at the helm of North American dubstep-founding label SMOG. He's got more than a dozen releases under his belt, he performs coast to coast, and, beyond his solo work, he's the guitarist, bassist and programmer for LA-based Very Angry Scientist. reverbnation.com/dlxbeats

Doc Aquatic — Psychedelic indie-rockers Doc Aquatic have a knack for performing the kind of experimental guitar parts and bouncing rhythms that careen wildly toward chaos before being expertly reeled back in to sweeping melodic soundscapes. reverbnation.com/docaquatic

Dollphen — This electronic/dubstep outfit is the project of Trevor Norton. Listen to tracks at soundcloud.com/dollphen.

Dub Kartel — Billing themselves as “the real rockers from Asheville,” this eight-piece collective specializes in reggae and classic dub rhythms. Learn more at the band’s Facebook page.

Empire Strikes Brass — Formed only a handful of months ago, this brass (saxophone, sousaphone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium) plus drums outfit takes inspiration from New Orleans' second line bands. facebook.com/EmpireStrikesBrass

Eymarel — Electro-rock outfit Eymarel was formed by Booty Band members/off-stage couple Mary Frances (keys and vocals) and Lee Allen (drums). The band's name is a mashup of their first names, and their DJ Le Spam-produced sophomore album was called Mary + Lee. reverbnation.com/eymarel

Fashion Bath — Members of Sky Lake and Ahleuchatistas join forces in Fashion Bath, a musical experiment that pushes the boundaries of rhythm and melody as well as aesthetic composition.

Free Radio — Known for a decade as The Ville Boyz, this homegrown hip-hop collective recently released new album, The Powers That Be. Their name may have changed, but they're still the same heavy-hitting rappers who met here, in Asheville, in high school. reverbnation.com/thevilleboyz

Galen Kipar Project — Originally from Augusta, Ga., Galen Kipar studied at Brevard College and now lives in Asheville where he crafts his unique take on Americana (as filtered through world-beat, Appalachian roots and complex, earthy rhythms). galenkipar.com

Ho-Tron Beatz — Horton Cort is a tattoo artist and owner of Unification Tattoo Parlour for his day job. Ho-Tron Beatz is his music project, produced with an MPC 500 sequencer, Boss 505 sampler and Mini Kaos Pad. https://www.facebook.com/hotron.beatz

In Plain Sight — Collective In Plain Sight is the project of three DJ/producers: Lucas Ledford, Ezekiel and Nomad in the Dark. They contribute their unique sound to the very different backgrounds of the three members. facebook.com/inplainsightdjs

Ivan the Terribles — The alt-rock project of songwriting mad genius David Clegg, Ivan The Terribles is garage-y, raucous and informed by everything that's nose-thumbingly awesome about rock. facebook.com/AriannaElectrolina and reverbnation.com/ivantheterribles

Jonathan Santos — Singer Jonathan Santos has the warm, sleepy, smooth voice that drifts effortlessly between octaves, floating over half-notes and syncopated rhythms. Accompanied, at times, but just an acoustic guitar, and at times by a full band, Santos is neo-soul perfection either way. reverbnation.com/jonathansantos

Josh Blake's Jukebox — Though this rock project (led by GFE guitarist Josh Blake) hasn't been playing so many stages of late, its members are regulars at Funk Jam and often sit in with local R&B, funk and hip-hop stars. joshblakesjukebox.com

Kellin Watson — Soulful songstress Kellin Watson isn't just locally based, her roots go deep in Appalachia. But her sound, though informed by traditional music, is freshly modern with heavy hints of pop, jazz and nu-folk. kellinwatson.com

Krektones — Though there's not a lot of surfing to be had in the mountains, there is surf rock. Krektones dish out effortlessly cool instrumental compositions rife with guitar riffs and dangerous bass lines. reverbnation.com/krektones

Kung Fu Dynamite — With a name like Kung Fu Dynamite, it's got to be fun and it's got to be funky. The six-piece funk-rock group, formed in '05, is both. According to their bio they strive to “create a constant spontaneity to the music.” http://www.reverbnation.com/kungfudynamite

Lassos — The amalgamation of two distinct musician-songwriters, Lassos featured Ryan Barrington Cox (The If You Wannas) and Emily Keebler (Shod My Feet), performing folky-poppy-indie-rock, with twice the hooks and suave style they each possess individually. http://lassos.bandcamp.com

Levi David — New to Asheville but already making himself known on local stages, Levi David is a blues musician.

Lifecurse — Self-described “ProgressiveMelodicNuMetalCoreDeathCorePrePostHardCoreIndieJazzInfusionSoulCoredJent” (we don't know what “Soul Cored Jent is,” either), Lifecurse is both powerful and melodically beautiful. Check out the band's videos, too. reverbnation.com/lifecurse

Lyric — Aptly named Leeda “Lyric” Jones has a big voice that soars easily through R&B, soul and pop songs. Her band, informed in funk and rock, provides a solid bass for Lyric's sonic journeys through covers and original tunes. reverbnation.com/lyricfans

Mama Funk's Rising Stars — The students (including MC Fireworks) of Mary Frances (Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Eymarel) create and perform original material.

Marley Carroll — Producer and multi-instrumentalist Marley Carroll (also the frontman for Melanaster) is both an award-winning scratch DJ and an inspired composer, regularly releasing his own brand of sonic alchemy. http://marleycarroll.com

Mother Explosives — Eric Janoski is the one-man-band behind anti-folk beard-rock Mother Explosives. His songs are quirky, but more so for their candid sincerity and off-kilter sweetness than for any sense of camp or irony. http://motherexplosives.bandcamp.com

Mud Tea — Not to be confused with Mad Tea, power rockers Mud Tea perform with hair-whipping intensity with classic guitar riffs, heavy bass and crushing drums. reverbnation.com/mudtea

Nuevo Montuno Salsa Orchestra — The name says it all: This Latin-infused project has been giving dancers a beat for years, from Pritchard Park to Downtown After Five. facebook.com/nuevo.montuno

Papadosio — Papadosio formed in Athens, Ohio before moving to Asheville. The electronic outfit says it has an “amplified message of transcendence, unity, and universal understanding” which it spreads through improv rock and vocal harmonies. papadosio.com

Pierce Edens — The frontman for Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work, Edens is a WNC native with an instantly recognizable voice. His brand of Americana is equally informed by old-time and grunge. pierceedens.com

Pilgrim — Part shoegaze, part poetry, Pilgrim (led by Xpress staffer Jaye Bartell) is a slowcore tour through dark soundscapes and elaborate imagery. www.myspace.com/pilgrimsongs

Pleasure Chest — Fronted by Hip Replacements co-owner Kip Veno, Pleasure Chest is part vintage jukebox and part rock 'n roll swagger. And sometimes Veno delivers his saucy vocals from atop patent-leather platform heels. reverbnation.com/pleasurechest

RBTS WIN — The compositions of electro-dream-pop trio RBTS WIN charter a course across a dark sea of rhythmic pulses, sparkling melodies, thick beats, spacey electronics. They nod to rock, chillwave and trip hop while fashioning something altogether new. rbtswin.com

River Whyless — Asheville's River Whyless crafted gorgeous orchestral pop before the genre had a name. The band's most recent release, A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door (referencing local author Thomas Wolfe) is its most fully realized to date. riverwhyless.tumblr.com

Silas Durocher — Singer-songwriter-guitarist Silas Durocher has led the likes of Everybody Knows, The Get Right Band and Lovestruck Suckers. His sound ranges from upbeat funk rock to thoughtful orchestral folk. silasdurocher.com

Siper Jam — What exactly will come of this night-time jam session, led by rock and jazz-fusion drummer Jeff Sipe, remains to be seen. But, as the play on words suggests (super jam, Siper jam, get it?), it's sure to bring surprises. jeffsipemusic.com

Spicy Mustache and the Flavor Saviors — Veterans of the Montford Music & Arts Festival and Bele Chere, Spicy Mustache and the Flavor Saviors are pros on the local festival stage. It’s a big band (eight members) with a big and funky sound. spicymustachetheflavorsaviors.bandcamp.com

Stereofidelics — Between Chris Padgett and Melissa McGinley, they play four instruments and they both sing, which gives the indie-pop duo a full-band sound. http://www.reverbnation.com/thestereofidelics

Stevie Lee Combs — Singer/songwriter Stevie Lee Combs calls his music “an omnivorous strand of Americana.” He's moved from Akron, Ohio to South Florida and halfway back to Asheville, where he won this year's Brown Bag Songwriting Competition. reverbnation.com/stevieleecombs

Telic — Brashly energetic prog metal band Telic isn't a fan of the word “eclectic.” That's just fine. Judge them by the power and listenablility of their songs (like last year's The Path is Overgrown), which blends muscular playing with haunting melodies. http://www.reverbnation.com/telic

The Archrivals — The Id to stephaniesid, jazz-informed indie-rockers The Archrivals (led by Chuck Lichtenberger) are equal parts out for blood and out for a really zany time. Plus, their songs are instantly catchy and impossible not to dance to. facebook.com/chuckandthearchrivals

The Broadcast — Dance party favorites The Broadcast left New York City in hopes of kick-starting a career here in Asheville. They deliver pitch-perfect covers and soulful originals that get even the most aloof toes tapping. thebroadcastmusic.com

The Hermit Kings — It's worth noting that three of the seven Hermit Kings members are named Zack (Zach, Zaq), but before anyone pulls out a Tony! Toni! Toné! joke, know that this band performs seriously well-crafted, atmospheric, lyric-driven indie-rock. reverbnation.com/thehermitkings

The Invisible III — A local super group: Jay Sanders (Donna The Buffalo, E.Normus Trio) on bass, Ryan Burns (Laura Reed & Deep Pocket) on keys and Mike Rhodes (The Blue Rags) on drums.

The Moodees — Formed of Asheville's much-loved Mad Tea, The Moodees underscore garage rock with an encyclopedic knowledge of vintage and underground sounds, a thrillingly bombastic approach, and an infectious sense of fun. facebook.com/Moodees

The Ones — Blending space-age hip-hop and Southern soul, The Ones is a collaboration between producer/MC Sebastain Campagna aka Campaign and vocalist Laine Lewis aka Lady Laine. facebook.com/WeBeTheOnes

Thump — James Tsakonas is Moogfest alum DJ Thump, known for his bass-heavy live sets. He’s performed with Datsik, Dieselboy, Borgore and others. facebook.com/pages/Thump/155651404452862

Thunderdrums — Frank Bloom's one-man attack fuses tribal beats with electronica thanks to loops and organic rhythms. reverbnation.com/thunderdrums

Two People Playing Music — Two People Playing Music (2PPM) is the obviously named duo of keyboardist Chase Hudson and drummer Sean Sullivan. Their sound,  however — electronic yet organic, unorthodox yet relatable — is anything but obvious. twopeopleplayingmusic.bandcamp.com

Ty Nemecek — Blues-rocker Ty Nemecek (aka One Man Rodeo) is known as much for his stylized finger picking as for his rockabilly sensibilities. reverbnation.com/tynemecek

Unifire — Always a festival favorite, Unifire tells stories through intricate choreography, dynamic costuming and flame. Fire is spun, juggled, tossed and eaten. unifiredance.com

Vegetable Circus — Vegetable Circus “uses circus arts to teach children creative and exciting ways to grow up healthy.” The Asheville chapter was founded in 2005 and was, originally, a juggling show. vegetablecircus.com

West African Dance Ensemble — Led by dance instructor Nadirah Rahman, the West African Dance Ensemble performs high energy moves to the rhythm of hand drums.

Zabumba! — Formed in New Orleans more than a decade ago, Zabumba's samba musicians relocated to Asheville where they started up a community-based drum ensemble. myspace.com/zabumbadrums


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