Destruction in the River Arts District

From the Phil Mechanic Studios Facebook page comes some bad news:

“It is a sad morning here at the Phil Mechanic Studios building, which does an incredible amount of outreach work here in the community to many of the underserved.

Sean ‘Jinx’ Pace, co-founder and a committed and productive member of the non-profit, Flood Gallery, housed here in the building found his UD truck and his crane terribly vandalized this morning, no doubt by immature and ignorant thugs.

Many of you know Jinx, and have even been helped by him in one way or another. If you’ve needed something moved, you’ve probably called him and he’s dropped everything to help. If you’ve had a problem with clearing dead trees, or needed a heavy sculpture handled gently, you’ve called him. His trucks have been repeatedly utilized by many of you and by the Flood Gallery and Phil Mechanic Studios as well.

To come to work today and find them so violently vandalized affects not only Jinx, but the whole community. Jinx is an artist, and a community builder, Blue Ridge Biofuels and Phil Mechanic Studios are also community builders.

This act of cowardly destruction is a terrible blow to all of us. Nothing has been stolen. This act is a completely mercenary one that is only about destruction, nothing else. I wanted to post up these images and generally put the word out that these criminals are not known to us as of yet, but they are out there being terribly destructive and violent.

Keep an eye out for them, and if you have seen any suspicious activity behind the building, we would certainly appreciate a phone call.”

Here are some more photos of the destruction.

A later comment, from Phil Mechanic co-owner Jolene Mechanic:

“We have a box set up in the Pump Gallery of Phil Mechanic Studios/Flood Gallery to take donations to help Jinx get his trucks fixed. If you’ve got a spare $1 or $10 or $20, please drop it by. If you want to send a check, make it out to Flood Gallery, designate that it’s for Jinx’s truck repair and mail it to “Truck Repair c/o Phil Mechanic Studios, 109 Roberts St. Asheville, NC 28801. And thank you so much, all of you who have shown an interest in donating to this excellent cause.”


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63 thoughts on “Destruction in the River Arts District

  1. UnaffiliatedVoter

    Lots of angry young thugs close to downtown…what are they so angry about? Obama won. WHY are there SO MANY ANGRY PEOPLE in the town that fancies itself as utopic?

  2. Been there

    Same thing is happening on the other side of the river on riverview dr. needless vandalism, broken windows and spray paint on vehicles. Sad but it points clearly to one demographic who use the railroad tracks and woods by the river at night.

  3. Piffy!

    [b]no doubt by immature and ignorant thugs. [/b]

    Is this an editorial or a news piece? What if they were mature and well-read thugs?

  4. Them rascally thugs. Don’t they know one of their own is now in charge of America, and the that the Asheville City Council is just chock full of people who are socially concerned hipsters who want to provide them with affordable housing and a free transit system and all kinds of other goodies?

    Sounds like somebody needs to be doing some outreach in the ‘hood…or better yet, investing in some steel-jacketed security in the .308 range.

  5. Piffy!

    [b]there are thugs like “Necro” all over the world [/b]

    LOL. Where does the article mention that grafitti was connected to the vandalism?

    [b]This act is a completely mercenary one that is only about destruction, nothing else.[/b]

    You really don’t know, though, do you Rebecca? Your opinions aren’t fact or news. They are editorial.

    Seriously, you really asked for all the ‘activist Obama thugs’ comments with your editorializing on motive. For all you know, this was retaliation for Jinx oweing someone money, or his grandma was mad at him, or… a million other equally baseless assumptions.

  6. Michael Muller

    I’m really craving a doughnut. A Krispy Kreme doughnut.

  7. @Hanke: You can have a dialogue while people smash other people’s property. I’ll be in the car with my gear ready to go hunting thugs. Call me if you need me… ???

    I don’t think we need to see Muller hopped up on sugar…

  8. Rebecca Sulock

    Ben, is there something about attribution that you don’t understand? This post comes “From the Phil Mechanic Studios Facebook page,” as stated at the top.

  9. “I’m really craving a doughnut. A Krispy Kreme doughnut. “

    Oh just stop it… I have visions of Krispy Kreme Cheer Wine donuts running all over my brain.

  10. UnaffiliatedVoter

    No really, WHY does Asheville have so many THUGS and THUG wannabees?

    WHAT is their freakin problem???

  11. Rob Close

    Hint for the cops: Necro likely refers to the rapper, which makes sense. If I had to describe his followers & music in one word, it would be “nihilistic”.

    The only type of person I can imagine enjoying his music would be angry white teens. Probably 14-17.

    Ben, you’re right that Rebecca made a lot of assumptions in this article, and it does read more like an editorial than an article. But her assumptions are pretty basic & logical; though assumptions nonetheless.

  12. shadmarsh

    Why is “One Who Knows”, an obvious sock-puppeting troll still allowed to post here? Inquiring minds want to know.

  13. Why is it that so many people assume that “ignorant thugs” are of the same race as Obama and they are lashing out for political reasons?
    Editorial or not… this has nothing to do with Obama, Tea Parties, or assumptions about who performed the vandalizm and their motives.

    This was a notification about an event in the community, to alert locals about local matters.

    I applaud Rebecca for posting this, MountainX for reposting it, and Jolene for setting up a fund for Mr. Pace.

    I don’t personally know Sean, but I know that he is a hard working artist with an amazing vision, and has obviously spent a lot of time and effort furthering not only his own art but other’s as well. He is no philanthropist, throwing money at things in order to get his name attached… he is down in the trenches, so to speak, sacrificing amenities in order to devote himself to his expression.

    The area where his truck was parked is surely a fragile spot for any items of worth… right along the tracks and next to the abandoned Ice Factory that doubles as a hobo home. The seemingly abandoned trucks and trailers used by Blue Ridge Biofuels have been covered in graffiti in the past. (And the delivery truck for Roots Cafe’, about a block further down the tracks has been completely covered as well, though they seem to continue to proudly drive that around town)

    Graffiti is one thing, and might be expected considering the location, but this extent of vandalism is completely uncalled for. It sickens me to think that a hard-working artist living and/or working in the River Arts District would have to wake up to such a thing. I hope for his, and all others living and working in the area that these acts don’t continue, and the culprits are caught and brought to justice.

    And I hope that fellow posters can leave their snide comments and political views at the homepage and simply sympathize with Sean.

  14. reasonable

    Where was this same outrage over the May Day knuckleheads? They probably caused more fiscal damage than this (these?) idiots but a lot of the sentiment expressed here at that time was in FAVOR of the little darlings.

    @TP, I’ll ride shotgun any time with you.

  15. Barry Summers

    I’m really craving a doughnut. A Krispy Kreme doughnut.

    MM, if your kreme is krispy, it’s time to throw it out.

  16. cwaster

    This really sucks. I hope the people who did this get what they deserve.

  17. @mikeporcenaluk:

    Thugs come in all races. That you assumed that I was referring to Obama’s race says more about you than me. Obama practices what is known as Chicago-style Thug Politics.

    And your statement:

    “The area where his truck was parked is surely a fragile spot for any items of worth… right along the tracks and next to the abandoned Ice Factory that doubles as a hobo home. The seemingly abandoned trucks and trailers used by Blue Ridge Biofuels have been covered in graffiti in the past.”

    Sounds suspiciously like “if the girl had been dressed properly, she would not have been raped.”

    I sympathize with Sean. I hope that this act of violence against his property awakens him (and others) to the cancer that is in the community where he practices his art.

    @Rebecca Sulock and (if applicable) MX editors:
    As far as making sure readers can tell that the piece is mostly someone else’s words…putting the text in italics is not enough because most people don’t really pay that much attention to subtle visual cues.

    I don’t know how your content management system is set up, and whether of not you guys have the freedom to visually structure your articles on Mtn X, so the following may or may not not apply…

    I use the html blockquote tag and perhaps a different font and/or bold letters to break up the flow of words in articles as a visual cue to readers that a particular block words are not mine and provide a link to where the information originally comes from. When posting the link, I have developed a standard where I just simply put “Source: [LINK URL]” at the end of a quoted piece as another cue that the previous words were from another, and that we’re back to my words. And, if I’m going to jump back into quoting, I use the same standard I used before. Even with all that, I still get ignoramuses who can’t be bothered by reading through an article three or four times just to make sure they read the article correctly. This previous sentence was an example of use of the bold tag to emphasize my words and draw attention to them. It’s another visual cue to the reader.

    In this article, there is no standard cue that tell us the words being printed are from multiple people. In the 1st instance, it is indicated with italics, and in the 2nd instance of quotation, there is no text decoration at all. I don’t know how the workflow proceeds at Mtn X…if there are editors between the writers and the published articles. In New Media-type websites, the writer has to wear many hats, that of reporter, proofreader, web designer, editor and publisher. Add video and photos, and the number of hats can grow at an exponential rate.

    Readers need a standardized set of cues, or rules, by which they can use to garner info, or they’ll have to stop and work to decipher an article in an attempt to decipher who is actually speaking.

    Just take this as a learning experience, and move on. You should see some of the errors I make…

  18. Ken Hanke

    Thugs come in all races. That you assumed that I was referring to Obama’s race says more about you than me.

    Your companion in right-wing political views, “One Who Knows,” linked the vandalism to Obama in the very first comment.

  19. @Ken Hanke:

    I was answering @mikeporcenaluk’s introduction of race into the thread. Until then, race was not an issue. Unless you believe that thug is code for black. If that is the case, then no amount of logic will influence you, and this discussion serves no purpose.

    As far as @One Who Knows being a sock puppet, I cannot answer that because I don’t have access to the MX refer logs to see if someone is double-identity dipping in the comment threads.

    Pseudonyms, or screen names, are not against the law. People who use them are exercising their right to privacy. Perhaps if whoever @One Who Knows had their identity revealed, it would be a distraction from their words. Perhaps @One Who Knows is an MX Staffer or other Lefty simply stirring the pot. Perhaps whoever @One Who Knows is fearful of retaliation from an employer, teacher, or other readers on this platform who may invest their energies in trying to dig up dirt on them and posting it here in a act of online terrorism (or cyber bullying if you think terrorism is too harsh a choice of words, the result is the same) to shut them up…to chill their free speech…we just don’t know.

    Remember that Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay published under the pseudonym of Publius when they argued for the ratification of the US Constitution. Anti-federalists who argued against the US Constitution used pseudonyms (such as Federal Farmer and Cato) as well.

    As long as they take the time to register, I don’t care what screen name they choose. Ad hominems delivered against a commenter is just another way of avoiding countering their arguments. It is the lazy way out or perhaps an indication that they can’t beat the argument presented.

  20. Ex Nihilo

    Thunder Pig, you’re obviously correct about ad hominem attacks. But try not to contradict yourself; nothing is more ad hominem nor less like a rational argument than using bullets to make your point to the “thugs.” Also, it’s really quite a stretch to equate Obama with a street thug based on his supposed political style. The more likely interpretation of your comment is that “one of their own” refers to race. This is especially so in a political environment in which the right constantly demonstrates a tendency to crypto-racism and crypto-islamaphobia.

  21. jeff

    The style of the “necro” tag is very similar to the style of graffiti jerk “Old Crow”… who’s work you can still see all over town.

    Old Crow was caught by the APD graffiti task force last March. His real name is Logan Mason. He might be a good person to ask about this as he was VERY prolific down in that part of town.

  22. Ken Hanke

    As far as @One Who Knows being a sock puppet, I cannot answer that because I don’t have access to the MX refer logs to see if someone is double-identity dipping in the comment threads.

    I wouldn’t use the term sock puppet. I would use the term “ringer” — a multiple times banned user returning under another name.

  23. Betty Cloer Wallace

    The aftermath (assumptions and presumptions) about the Necro vandalism is so different from that of the Asheville Eleven vandalism.

    Why is that?

  24. “No really, WHY does Asheville have so many THUGS and THUG wannabees?
    WHAT is their freakin problem??? “

    Not sure this is a fact. Would like to see some back up for this statement. However, there has been a rash of vandalism lately.

    That said, acts of senseless destruction happen more in a struggling economy. I suspect that if things don’t improve (rising tide floats all boats) that we’ll see more senseless lashing out.

    I moved her from New Orleans where there were huge disparities between the have’s and have not’s. EVERYONE had burglar bars. N.O. has the highest murder rate in the Country. One of the attractions for me to move to Asheville, was that there were so few burglar bars on peoples houses. Hope that doesn’t change.

  25. Betty Cloer Wallace

    @ Davyne: I suspect that if things don’t improve (rising tide floats all boats) that we’ll see more senseless lashing out.

    I, too, worry about this, especially when some people here seem to think that some kinds of vandalism is “justified” or that some some kinds of vandalism are “more equal” than others.

    Anonymous vandalism is never justified.

  26. Jason Ross Martin

    I cannot understand the perspective of anyone who would defend the motives or actions of a vandal. I believe the penalty for graffiti and vandalism of this nature should be very severe and inescapable when one is found guilty. For example, dig a hole that is 10 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet, fill it up, and repeat. Over and over like 10 times. Then this would not happen anymore.

  27. Frank DelGado

    Not long ago some on the MX forum thought grafitti was art. I wonder if they still do now that it is personal? An old saw comes to mind. “A liberal is someone who hasn’t been mugged yet”.

    This kind of grafitti vandalism MUST stop here in Asheville. I do hope these vandals are caught soon!

  28. Rebecca Sulock

    Howdy folks,

    To clarify: We frequently create posts such as this one. Part of our mission is to aggregate local news. Please read and note quotes and sources, and we’ll work on creating a savvier way to offset type so it’s easier to read as being sourced.

    We’ve not posted a few comments in this thread, so if yours isn’t here, it’s because it has to do with a method we’ve used often on this web site over the past few years.

    Our objective is to bring you as much news as we can, and we do that in a variety of ways.

    Please try to keep your posts constructive, and thanks for your efforts.

  29. Barry Summers

    Yes, Pig. I’ve read those screeds about Obama supporters being ‘thugs’, and how “true Americans” need to lock & load to defend themselves against the violent repression of their rights… Funny how conservatives used to rail against the supposed culture of victimization on the left, but when a black man is elected President, they’re all about the ‘thugs’ who oppress them.

    We know very well what you & others are up to – try to paint Obama (and anyone who supports him)as horrible criminals (remember Clinton & his supposed murderous drug cartel operating out of Mena, Arkansas, etc.?). Your dirty rhetorical “dog whistle” trick is coming to be easily recognized – “Oh, no I wasn’t saying anything racist by calling Obama supporters ‘thugs’ (wink-wink), and suggest we all need to arm ourselves & roam the streets to gun down… somebody”…

  30. Betty Cloer Wallace

    Why is this story in the “Arts & Entertainment” section (alongside Elton John, Octoberfest, Moogfest, etc.) instead of the regular news section?

    Perhaps a “Crime News” section would be helpful for readers to keep up with patterns of criminal activity around town. Many outlying newspapers regularly list police reports (investigations without names and convictions with names), which are public information and probably do help deter some crime. At least citizens can keep up with where the hot spots are.

  31. JWTJr

    Where is piffy? This could be the result of some of his repressed artist buddies who have no other outlet for their creative abilities.

  32. Josh Benson

    I’m with @reasonable, I am horrified that this happened to nice people, but where was this outpouring of community support when the fake-ass anarchists smashed up a quarter of downtown?

  33. reasonable

    @Josh Benton; I guess it’s a case of who’s ox is being gored. It’s certainly peculiar, isn’t it?

    @JWTJr; He may be making sure all the red paint is off his hands and out of his crib. Plus, it more difficult to type with bandages on one’s hands from deep glass cuts.

  34. reasonable

    …and too many ‘shrooms can make a feller pretty sketchy.

  35. @ Josh Benson,
    You must have missed the dialog…there was a LOT of commenting on the “anarchists” event last May.

  36. Josh Benson

    @D. Dial I know there was commenting (believe me I was part of that fray on this site and elsewhere), but where were the fundraisers?

  37. Barry Summers

    Just take this as a learning experience, and move on. You should see some of the errors I make…

    We do, Pig. Every time you open your applehole.

  38. @Barry Summers:

    LOL. That is true…according to Leftist Totalitarianism…conservatives are not entitled to sharing opinions or engaging in dialogue that hasn’t been taken from the class warfare rhetoric of Das Kapital.

  39. Barry Summers

    Class war? Don’t go there, Pig. Warren Buffett, the richest man in America, already revealed the truth & took the air out of that balloon:

    “There’s class warfare, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

  40. @Barry Summers:

    Wrong on all accounts, Mr Socialist. Bill Gates is the richest man in America…at $54 billion. Buffet is #2 with $45 billion. Source:

    Without the wealthy people, most people wouldn’t have jobs. Just look at all the jobs that Bill Gates has created…millions of jobs, including people who make their living using the software he created, and the software that his employees create.

    To quote Milton Friedman “…the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.”

  41. Barry Summers

    Nice dodge, Mr. Greased Pig.

    Warren Buffett acknowledged in 2006, that the American tax code and other structural inequities amounted to “class warfare” (his words) waged BY the rich AGAINST the poor.

    He was arguing that yes, people with money can put it to work to create jobs, but only if there’s a consumer/working class able to purchase goods and services. He argued that by cutting taxes on the rich, we are strangling the golden goose that has made him so wealthy, and dooming America to a downward spiral. Four years later, he seems pretty spot-on, doesn’t he?

    But hey, ignore his comments again, as you do with any argument that doesn’t bow down before Crazy Miss Ayn…

  42. Friedman’s not the best example…his supply side /trickle down ideas are now looked at ascance.
    “Milton Friedman “…the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.”

    ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) — “How my G.O.P. destroyed the U.S. economy.” Yes, that is exactly what David Stockman, President Ronald Reagan’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote in a recent New York Times op-ed piece, “Four Deformations of the Apocalypse.”

    Get it? Not “destroying.” The GOP has already “destroyed” the U.S. economy, setting up an “American Apocalypse.”

    Stockman rushes into the ring swinging like a boxer: “If there were such a thing as Chapter 11 for politicians, the Republican push to extend the unaffordable Bush tax cuts would amount to a bankruptcy filing. The nation’s public debt … will soon reach $18 trillion.” It screams “out for austerity and sacrifice.” But instead, the GOP insists “that the nation’s wealthiest taxpayers be spared even a three-percentage-point rate increase.”

    Stockman says “the second unhappy change in the American economy has been the extraordinary growth of our public debt. In 1970 it was just 40% of gross domestic product, or about $425 billion. When it reaches $18 trillion, it will be 40 times greater than in 1970.” Who’s to blame? Not big-spending Dems, says Stockman, but “from the Republican Party’s embrace, about three decades ago, of the insidious doctrine that deficits don’t matter if they result from tax cuts.”

    Finally, thanks to Republican policies that let us “live beyond our means for decades by borrowing heavily from abroad, we have steadily sent jobs and production offshore,” while at home “high-value jobs in goods production … trade, transportation, information technology and the professions shrunk by 12% to 68 million from 77 million.”

    As the apocalypse draws near, Stockman sees a class-rebellion, a new revolution, a war against greed and the wealthy. Soon. The trigger will be the growing gap between economic classes: No wonder “that during the last bubble (from 2002 to 2006) the top 1% of Americans — paid mainly from the Wall Street casino — received two-thirds of the gain in national income, while the bottom 90% — mainly dependent on Main Street’s shrinking economy — got only 12%. This growing wealth gap is not the market’s fault. It’s the decaying fruit of bad economic policy.”

    Get it? The decaying fruit of the GOP’s bad economic policies is destroying our economy.

  43. Lest the moderator take issue, with national economic policy being off-topic. The troubled economy , coupled with declining opportunities will have a devastation effect on coming generations. And Stockman’s saying the GOP had a big hand in the decline…but I say Democrats went along for the ride. (Nafta/Shafta)

    We’re no longer in the America my generation came to believe was always gonna be.

  44. @Barry Summers:

    A fund raiser is nice. Now, people in that community should focus on some preventative measures to lessen the likelihood of future occurrences.

    Now, to your previous response:

    I’d appreciate links as citations, (not swiping an entire article like @Davyne, a link will suffice)

    Our Income tax structure IS class warfare…with the wealthy people being attacked, and their income being progressively redistributed (redistribution of wealth…now there is a nice socialist concept straight from Animal Farm!). The wealthy pay most of the taxes in this nation, the following comes from the US Treasury

    The individual income tax is highly progressive – a small group of higher-income taxpayers pay most of the individual income taxes each year.

    • In 2002 the latest year of available data, the top 5 percent of taxpayers paid more than one-half (53.8 percent) of all individual income taxes, but reported roughly one-third(30.6 percent) of income.

    • The top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 33.7 percent of all individual income taxes in 2002. This group of taxpayers has paid more than 30 percent of individual income taxes since 1995. Moreover, since 1990 this group’s tax share has grown faster than their income share.

    • Taxpayers who rank in the top 50 percent of taxpayers by income pay virtually all individual income taxes. In all years since 1990, taxpayers in this group have paid over 94 percent of all individual income taxes. In 2000, 2001, and 2002, this group paid over 96 percent of the total.

    So, if there is any class warfare going on, it is being conducted against the wealthy and the successful producers. It’s like the grasshoppers using the government as a tool for taking from the ants in the famous Aesop fable. In fact, it is a scenario that also plays out in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged as well.

    My wish is that the the wealthy producers would be as bold as the characters in Atlas Shrugged and simply wreck their industrial and economic machinery and stop producing rather than continuing to consent being robbed of their property. Then we’ll see how long the deadweight last. I practice what I preach. I’ve quit working, stopped trading stocks and taken my money off the table.

    There is no one thing that has strangled our economy and caused the Great Recession. The Bush tax cuts propped up the economy and delayed the financial crash. A multitude of things that together tipped the economy to spiral downward. Chief among them is the housing bubble that burst in 2007. The housing bubble was fueled by low interest, easy credit, credit to those who didn’t have the means to pay, subprime loans, house flipping and credit swapping. Many of those mortgages were sold, after a creative re-write (fraud) to people who couldn’t know what they were purchasing. I think this video explains some of what went on very well, and it has multiple citations

    One area where warren Buffet did get it right was his warning regarding the derivatives market. (see how using links as citations works?) These are financial instruments whose value is based on another security, basically a side bet on the success or failure of a loan, what the price will be on a stock or commodity. People were betting money they didn’t have, or everything they had and losing.

    @Davyne Dial: See the above answer (in particular the CrisiVid link) as an answer for how the crisis developed.

  45. “I’d appreciate links as citations, (not swiping an entire article like @Davyne, a link will suffice)”

    Could it be that the mistakes cited by Stockman are the real issue, Bobby?

    I presented Stockman’s words in full, because Stockman’s mae culpa is a rare thing in the political world. And I’m not writing this response for you, I’m writing it for anyone who may wish to further understand how we got in this position…and who’s to blame. Stockman’s (a Reagan insider) revelations are extremely important in that the repurcussions of a flawed economic & lack of opportunity, will effect Americans for generations to come. So everyone needs to buck and get ready for a long slog through the trenches.

    Only other mea culpa that I know of that has been so forthright was Robert Macnamara’s book written 30 years after his leading us into the VietNam debacle.

  46. Barry Summers

    Here’s another angle, from Ben Stein, that well known communist. He quotes Buffett & joins him in 2006 in arguing against further tax cuts for the rich:

    And here’s Warren Buffett holding a fundraiser for (gasp) Hillary Clinton, because, “he and other privileged Americans must do more to help the less fortunate.”:

    The point that you and other Randians ignore is that the rich don’t get rich in a vacuum. The entrepreneurial magic that you worship would fall flat to the ground without infrastructure that is supported by us all – transportation, education, law enforcement, monetary policy, national defense, utility regulation, etc. etc. etc. You want to pretend that you can create a business & make a profit without all those things? Good luck trapping furs and poaching ginseng, because there’s not much else that doesn’t depend on the massive commons that we all have to support for society to continue.

  47. Robert Terrell

    Barry Summers: why all the anger towards the right and middle? You asides, perhaps meant as “humor”, are too painted in anger and therefore fall flat. I’m with you politically, pretty much, but I think you are inadvertently hurting the cause by not tempering your style some. Hey, I’ll stop by the studio soon. Caio.

    Bottom line is this wreckage is disgusting. I do hope whoever is doing it stops. Now.

  48. art major

    oh well they say that karma is luking right over your shoulder…arent these the same ones who defended grafiti as art? arent those tags in the background of this story theirs? add up the countless thousands of dollars that has been spent to clean up their…ready for this word?….VANDALISM.
    oh boo hoo somebody is destroying my property now..

  49. piffy

    Jesus, what an off-topic bunch of nonsense and speculation.

    Your moderator monkeys are slacking.

  50. Margaret Williams

    Piffy: What’s your point? The thread’s gone into way off-topic territory but seems relatively civil. Besides, I don’t have time to bananas.

  51. Piffy!

    ‘reasonable’ said:

    [b]Where was this same outrage over the May Day knuckleheads? [/b]

    Where were YOU? Those threads were full of righteous indignation for months.

    On a related note, has anyone ever mentioend if the ‘necro’ grafitti was even connected? I still suspect it wasn’t, as no one was mentioned it AT ALL. (and it would be pretty stupid to put your name on such a major crime). But it’s cute how many assumptions all you people made about it.

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