Hands-on learning gives students a thrill

Students at Isaac Dickson Elementary recently gained an intensive hands-on learning experience—they got to play in the mud while helping build a working clay oven. Once the oven was ready, the kindergarten-through-second-graders were able to cook pizzas in their new creation. Pizza, anyone? A students who’s all fired up about Issac Dickson Elementary School’s new […]

United by words

WordFest Media Outreach Project’s slogan, “Because poetry unites people,” offers a glimpse of the festival’s four days of poetic diversity. Not surprisingly, the inaugural WordFest includes a variety of poetry performances and events designed to appeal to—and unite—a variety of people. “For millennia, poetry has held cultures together even in the face of great changes,” […]

Getting the lead out

A massive recall of toys contaminated with lead paint sent parents running to check their toy boxes last fall. That seemingly most innocuous of spots, the foyer of the local Toys R’ Us, is currently wallpapered with bright-yellow consumer warnings. There’s more than butter on that toast: Adrianne Weir of UNCA’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Center […]

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

In early March, the family of 9-year-old Hannah Poling of Georgia won a settlement from a federal fund that compensates people injured by vaccines. This news thrilled local Moms Against Mercury activists, especially Amy Carson, the group’s president and co-founder. Activist on wheels: Amy Carson of Asheville says her son was developmentally damaged by a […]

Making Anywhere, USA

SCENE: Cell phone rings. Protagonist answers, then feels a blood rush of fear. He speaks. He listens. His knees crash into the sea of driveway pebbles. That’s our protagonist, Anthony “Chusy” Haney-Jardine, there on the ground, writhing. Lots of writhing. Keeping it in the family: Perla Haney-Jardine, daughter of director Chusy Haney-Jardine and producer Jennifer […]

Edgy Mama: How to drive your kids nuts

I’m occasionally blessed with three kids (third- and fourth-graders) riding in my mommy van at the same time. These kidlings seem to think there’s limo glass between the front and back seats. If I stay quiet, I can learn a lot. Like who has a crush on whom and who got sent to the principal’s office. And how their parents drive them nuts.