Edgy Mama: Beer is good for you

This week I’m writing about that critical ingredient in sane parenting: beer. Not only is it mama’s nightly equilibrium enhancer, but this nectar is good for mama, too. Turns out that beer is the popcorn of beverages: economical, healthy, and an excellent mealtime complement, particularly when small children are underfoot.

Edgy Mama: Party Rules

“I usually don’t give unsolicited advice. And if I do, you certainly don’t have to take it. But if you follow my party rules, listed below, I guarantee that your party life will rock. Or at least roll a bit more.” Xpress parenting columnist Anne Fitten Glenn explains how to properly party, parent-style.

Edgy Mama: Elves among us

“One of Santa’s elves lives in our home for about a month each year. He’s 8 inches tall, wears red and white-striped overalls and has a bell on his hat. He’s at least 40 years old.” Xpress parenting columnist Anne Fitten Glenn describes her own brand of Christmas magic.

Edgy Mama: Kids giveth and kids taketh away

My book club, along with every other book club in America, recently read Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir, Eat, Pray, Love. When we discussed the story, one of my book-club buddies noted Gilbert’s courage in venturing off on a yearlong spiritual search for self. But, she added, for those of us with kids, that amount of time and space for self is fricking impossible (OK, she didn’t say “fricking” — I did).

Edgy Mama: Superhero life lessons

“‘Sister said I’m not a superhero!’ That was the shout that awoke me at 5:45 a.m. the other morning. My 6-year-old son then crawled into bed with me, despondent, because his big sister just doesn’t understand his need for superpowers.” Xpress parenting columnist Anne Fitten Glenn examines her son’s obsession with cape-clad heroes.

Edgy Mama: The summer-camp scramble

“I’m scared I might be the Bill Buckner of parental organization. I’ve watched a few critical balls roll right between my legs, just like the ill-fated Boston Red Sox first baseman did in 1986. But I haven’t totally blown the World Series of parenting. At least not yet.” Xpress parenting columnist Anne Fitten Glenn takes on the big leagues of parental planning.