ON THE LOOKOUT: Noelle West, a certified nursing assistant at Mission, keeps watch over patients at risk of falling at the monitoring station. Photo by Clarke Morrison

Mission pilots patient-observer system to reduce fall injuries

With technology developed for the video gaming industry, Mission Health is piloting a groundbreaking observation system designed to prevent costly patient falls. The Cerner Patient Observer allows technicians to watch vulnerable patients remotely, talk to them and call for help when they attempt to get out of bed and risk hurting themselves in a fall. “It’s […]

Vote badge

Confusion at polls feared as new voter ID law takes effect

With a primary election less than four months away, North Carolina officials are scrambling to get ready for a controversial state law requiring photo IDs at the polls, even as a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality remains unresolved. Voting rights advocates fear the changes in how the state’s elections are conducted will create confusion among voters […]

Members of the Development Customer Advisory Group discuss ways to improve the efficiency of the city Development Services Department. Photo by Clarke Morrison

City working to improve its Developmen­t Services Department

The head of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce says she’s hopeful that efforts underway to improve efficiency in the city Development Services Department will make it easier for developers to get their projects built. Kit Cramer serves on the Development Customer Advisory Group, which was created to provide input for improving the department. The […]

BREAKNECK PACE:  Jason Nortz, the city's interim Development Services Department Director, says his office is trying to keep up with the city's "breakneck pace" of development. " We clearly recognize the need to improve  our process, and we're working on that." Photo by Hayley Benton

The paper chase: City permitting process stifles developmen­t, critics say

Developers have long complained about Asheville’s permitting process, and critics say their concerns were underscored this summer when Chris Brown dropped plans for a $2 million indoor trampoline park. City officials say they’re working hard to improve efficiency but have been hampered by a construction boom amid a serious shortage of qualified employees. “With all […]

FINGER ON THE PULSE: Alesia Carpenter, manager of Mission Hospital's simulation lab, shows students how to check the pulse of a mannequin designed to demonstrate the process of giving birth. The students are, from left, Kaylee Lorenzen, Peyton Johnson and Tabis Gore. Photo by Clarke Morrison

Program gives students chance to learn about health care careers

The high school students craned their necks to get a good look at the mechanical mannequin that was about to give birth. “She’s contracting every three minutes now,” said Alesia Carpenter, a registered nurse. As manager of the simulation lab, she led the simulated birth in a Mission Hospital suite. A monitor displayed the makeshift mom’s […]

THE BIG ONE THAT DIDN'T GET AWAY: Ted Kubit catches a steelhead trout after undergoing deep brain stimulation for tremors. Photo courtesy of Ted Kubit

Deep brain stimulatio­n offers hope for tremor sufferers

Desperate for something that would calm his shaking hands, Sylva resident Ted Kubit found relief in deep brain stimulation, a surgical procedure that involves drilling holes in the skull and implanting a device in the chest that sends signals to electrodes anchored in the brain. “It got to the point where I couldn’t even brush my teeth anymore,” Kubit, […]