Bannerman Family Thanksgivi­ng Folk Dance Camp celebrates its 47th year

The Bannerman Family Thanksgiving Folk Dance Camp began 46 years ago, when Glenn and Evelyn Bannerman traveled around the country, with their children, to attend folk dances. “We’ve always been dancers,” Glenn Bannerman says. But it was difficult to find a group that would also be engaging for their children, so the Bannerman family launched its own dance camp.

Asheville’s bond fears: The legacy of a financial nightmare

Has Asheville recovered from the trauma of its municipal debt crisis, which spanned the years between 1930 and 1976? The debt had a profound impact on Asheville’s development, its cityscape and, lastingly, its appetite for municipal debt. This year’s $74 million bond referendum will put the city’s confidence to the test when it asks voters to choose whether it’s time for the city to borrow again to finance growth.

Asheville on Bikes rolls out Bike Love 2016

Who knew that heartbreak could be so good for the local cycling scene? Back in 2005, bike advocacy helped Mike Sule distract himself from the heartache of a tough breakup. Since then, however, Asheville on Bikes, the organization he subsequently founded, has become a well-known advocate on both local and state-level transportation issues. In support […]