The secret in the sauce

From Asian-inspired, vegan mayonnaise to simple and spicy mustard aioli — homemade condiments offer something a little more special than what you might find in a ketchup bottle. “The trick to creating a uniquely delicious condiment is to put your signature on something based in tradition, so the result is reminiscent of the product that inspired you,” […]

The feast in the fast

It was the first day of spring. I packed away the last of my sweaters and scarves in the boxes labeled, “stuff to wear when it’s too cold to do anything.” Cleaning my apartment, I noticed dust in the corners of my kitchen floor and piles of stuff I hadn’t bothered to look at in months. When I opened my refrigerator, empty containers and a carton of expired milk stared back at me. It was time to dig deeper and continue my spring cleaning beyond my floors and countertops. It was time to cleanse my body.