Buncombe Commission­ers preview: Green jobs and rezoning requests

Today’s meeting of the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners will feature a presentation on “Green Jobs in Buncombe County” by Asheville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director of Economic Development, Ben Teague. The presentation will be an overview of the chamber’s efforts to cultivate and attract environmentally sustainable industries and jobs to the area, says Teague. […]

Buncombe Commission­ers: Full-court press

Buncombe County Board of Commissioners March 16, 2010 County may accelerate plans for new courthouse Asheville airport adds daily flights to Dallas, Tampa A sometimes contentious exchange between District Attorney Ron Moore and Assistant County Manager Jon Creighton kicked off the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners' March 16 meeting. The flap concerned the proposed "life-safety […]

Cirque du homemade

The circus is coming to town. But this isn't Barnum & Bailey. The Runaway Circus and the Loose Caboose performance troupe is a homegrown Asheville ensemble that incorporates "anything from unicycling to juggling to trapeze to acrobatics to slapstick, belly dancing and magic," says organizer/performer-extraordinaire Ingrid Johnson. "There's a lot of heart and soul involved, […]

Predicting the weather

Asheville's venues, promoters and festivals deserve much of the credit for fueling the local electronic music explosion. What started out as the soundtrack of private house parties and informal gatherings can now be heard almost any night of the week at downtown clubs such as Emerald Lounge, Club 828 (formerly Nashwa), Hookah Joe's, BoBo Gallery, […]

Dirty South rides again

"What you niggas know about the Dirty South?" asks the refrain of Goodie Mob's seminal, term-coining 1995 single "Dirty South." In the mid-'90s, the question piqued the interest of listeners across the country tired of mainstream rap's obsession with Los Angeles and New York ,and the beef between Tupac and Biggie. Soon, along with fellow […]

Sound Track

At a recent show at Club 828, A.D. (Akamai Drone) performed a set of arena-worthy electro-industrial art-rock that far outmatched the small crowd lucky enough to bear witness. The brainchild of local musician/singer/producer extraordinaire Christian Imes (formerly a member of oddSTAR), the band has been operating under the local radar for a couple years now, […]


On a recent cold night, Hookah Joe's hosted Paper Tiger and The Melanaster Band, each group offering trippy, down-tempo beats and minimalist sounds that showed why they're two of Asheville's most unique and promising bands. Fans of Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation take note: Asheville has its own deeply sexy lounge act. Paper Tiger created […]

Blue Rags revival

Three years since their last performance together and 10 years since the release of their much celebrated album, Eat at Joe's, local legends The Blue Rags are reuniting this weekend to revive their trademark brand of 'rag 'n' roll' with a pair of shows at the Grey Eagle and the LAAFF festival. "We want to […]

Hard times? Must laugh

The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, ongoing war and perhaps even more disturbingly, a national media frenzy over the untimely death of Michael Jackson — it's enough to bring anyone down. However, if laughter truly is the best medicine, Asheville is a good place to be these days. The town might not yet […]

Singing in the shower

Cary Fridley was steeped in music as a child, studied music in graduate school, worked as a music teacher and played professionally in bands for more than a decade. But when it came to writing her first album of original songs, she did things the old-fashioned way: She sang to herself in the shower. Naturally […]

Phish phans rejoice

The muddy fields of Coventry, Vt. were supposed to be the final resting place for Phish, the wildly popular jam-band known for its quirky compositions and transcendent improvisations. After spending more than 20 years on the road building one of the most devoted grassroots followings in rock history, the band collapsed under the pressure of […]