Everything turns out nothing like the plan

For Andy Herod, there was nothing like suffering through a good existential meltdown to get his creative juices flowing. A founding member of The Comas, Herod fled the successful indie rock band last year after a nine-year run, leaving his apartment in Brooklyn for several months of couch-surfing and soul-searching that eventually led him to […]


In his bio, Silas Durocher says that he aims to combine “classical music with funk and rock n’ roll” to create “music for the head, the heart, and the hips.” It’s a noble pursuit, and on his new debut album, Thesis Statement, he’s largely successful. The young songwriter weaves together astoundingly complex compositions that call […]

On stage, it’s pure love

Rap is not a genre known for the quality of its stars live performances—too often the programmed beats of their recordings and their marketed, larger-than-life personas just don’t translate to the stage. Marathon rapper: Talib Kweli is in the music business for the long haul, not the fast cash. But over the course of 10 […]

SoundTrack­:Psst! It’s The Secret B-Sides

Justin Timberlake may have brought sexy back from the ‘70s and ‘80s, but Asheville’s own The Secret B-Sides are bringing it back from much further—roughly 65 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth. At a recent show on Hannah Flanagan’s patio, front man Juan Holladay sang the praises of the prehistoric reptiles as much […]

SoundTrack­: Local CD roundup

(from Echo Mountain’s oasis of high-end equipment to home setups powered by Garage Band)  cutting tracks and polishing their sound. Xpress checked out four recent releases. • Brian McGee & the Hollow Speed On this superb debut, Brian McGee seamlessly blends the attitude and angst he honed as front man of the punk rock trio, […]

Dressing for the party

Creating a debut album is a hungry task, as local rockers Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work demostrate. Despite what his singing voice suggests, Pierce Edens does not chew gravel, swallow sandpaper or have a small bass resonator lodged somewhere deep inside his chest. For years, the local songwriter says he tried to “sweeten up” […]