Out of the shadows

"What can one say when a good thing comes to an end? Just that it was good while it lasted." Lines from a plaintive autobiography or sappy romance novel? Nope: These poignant words, culled from an official government document, are part of a loving farewell to a local spy base. According to a once highly […]

One-year wonders

At a time when many small businesses are contracting or closing, why would anyone dare to start a new one? And what steps could they take to up the odds of staying afloat? To find out, Xpress surveyed five Asheville businesses that opened about a year ago; all are surviving, and some even thriving, despite […]


Chad Nesbitt is no stranger to bare-knuckle political sparring. The Carolina Stompers, the conservative activist group he founded in 2007, has perfected the art of brash campaigning for candidates and causes. Chad Nesbitt Photo by Jonathan Welch Now, however, Nesbitt has ceded his position as lead Stomper to his friend Harry Maroni. On March 28, […]