Starring: Vanessa Hudgins, Nina Dobrev, Finn Wolfhard, Adam Pally, Eva Longoria

Dog Days

The Story: A number of people are brought together by their mutual love of dogs. The Lowdown: Well-meaning, yet fatally overlong, boundlessly cutesy and full of goofy humor that makes for a film that never meshes as a whole piece.
Starring: Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, Justin Theroux, Sam Heughan, Gillian Anderson

The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Story: Two ordinary friends find themselves entangled in a plot of dangerous, violent international espionage. The Lowdown: While offering some good lead performances and an interesting examination of female friendship, the movie as a whole is simply too mired in cliches to be memorable.
Starring: Lily James, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Jeremy Irvine, Cher

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

The Story: A hybrid sequel/prequel that tells the story of what's happened to the characters of the original Mamma Mia! while filling in the gaps of that film's backstory, all with ABBA numbers. The Lowdown: A harmless and genteel musical that really relies on a love of ABBA that supersedes the film's lackluster plot and energy.
Starring: Vera Farmiga, Christopher Plummer, Lewis MacDougall, Christopher Lloyd, Kristen Schaal


The Story: An emotionally damaged mother reluctantly agrees to a long road trip with her dysfunctional, drug-dealing father. The Lowdown: An overlong, needlessly sentimental and generally unfunny attempt at a quirky family comedy.
Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Billy Howle, Annette Bening, Corey Stoll, Elisabeth Moss

The Seagull

The Story: In early 20th-century Russia, an affluent family deals with desire and jealousy. The Lowdown: A beautifully shot and stylish film that suffers from a certain amount of unevenness in its acting.
Starring: Kyrie Irving, Lil Rel Howery, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller

Uncle Drew

The Story: An elderly street-ball legend comes out of obscurity to get his old team back together for a tournament. The Lowdown: A chintzy comedy with surprisingly assured performances and a kind center to it.
Starring: Nick Offerman, Kiersey Clemons, Toni Collette, Blythe Danner, Ted Danson

Hearts Beat Loud

The Story: A single dad tries to reconnect with his daughter before she leaves for college by starting a band with her. The Lowdown: While the performances are solid, a lack of real, earned emotion and an airlessness in its musical side hurt a nice little film.
Starring: Alex Sharp, Elle Fanning, Abraham Lewis, Ethan Lawrence, Nicole Kidman

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

The Story: An alien from a suffocating culture ends up in England at the beginning of punk's explosion. The Lowdown: An endlessly playful piece of science fiction that's rewarding if you have the patience for its romanticized nature.
Starring: Hamilton Morris, Sam Neill, Bryan Brown, Natassia Gorey Furber, Gibson John

Sweet Country

The Story: After killing a white man in self-defense, an aboriginal man flees into the Australian outback. The Lowdown: A stark, often brutal movie that doesn't rely on shock and ugliness, but humanity instead.
Starring: Lola Kirke, Zoë Kravitz, John Cho, Nelson Franklin, Greta Lee


The Story: After the death of her boss, a personal assistant goes on the run in an attempt to solve the murder. The Lowdown: A dreadfully dull, wholly uninspiring attempt at a thriller.
Starring: Geoffrey Rush, Armie Hammer, Tony Shalhoub, James Faulkner, Clemence Poesy

Final Portrait

The Story: A writer sits down to have his portrait painted, with promises that it will only take a few hours quickly broken. The Lowdown: A pleasant, small film that focuses on the creative process, but with little dramatic thrust to make it anything special.
Starring: John Cena, Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, Ramona Young, Kathryn Newton


The Story: Three parents discover their teenage daughters plan to lose their virginity on prom night and decide to stop them. The Lowdown: While not as puritanical as its premise might sound, any sense of progressiveness is lost in various gross-out gags, and there's nothing truly novel about the whole thing.
Starring: David A.R. White, John Corbett, Shane Harper, Ted McGinley, Jennifer Taylor

God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness

The Story: After his church is burned down, a reverend must go to court to secure its remaining on a hostile college campus. The Lowdown: While a bit more measured and professional-looking than previous installments, this third time around is still incredibly inert and dull.
Starring: (voices) James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mary J. Blige

Sherlock Gnomes

The Story: After a series of disappearances in the world of garden ornaments, the world's most famous gnome detective is called in to crack the case. The Lowdown: A drab retread of an animated film that wastes a talented cast.
Starring: Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Jeff Lynne, Paul McCartney, Billy Preston

Concert for George

The Story: A reissued, remastered version of the 2002 concert celebrating the life of George Harrison. The Lowdown: A star-studded concert film that suffers a bit due to unevenness and being strictly for fans.
The Young Karl Marx
Starring: August Diehl, Stefan Konarske, Vicky Krieps, Olivier Gourmet, Hannah Steele

The Young Karl Marx

The Story: Karl Marx and his friend Friedrich Engels march toward the creation of their Communist Manifesto. The Lowdown: A generally stuffy biopic that's strangely structured like too many biopics, leading to a movie that's surprisingly unsurprising.
Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Mathieu Kassovitz, Fantine Harduin, Franz Rogowski

Happy End

The Story: An upper-class family must deal with a series of tragic and stressful events. The Lowdown: A humorless, detached film with no fun nor joy, and even less, style that screams "art" without really ever saying anything of note.
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte Rampling, Jeremy Irons

Red Sparrow

The Story: A Russian spy trained in seduction is assigned to target a CIA agent. The Lowdown: A brutal, grim and sometimes shocking spy yarn that's just not fun or trashy enough to really be enjoyable.
Starring: Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler, Sharon Horgan, Billy Magnussen

Game Night

The Story: A normal, monotonous game night goes haywire when a kidnapping occurs. The Lowdown: A solid, twisty comedy that focuses on plot and character while avoiding too much raunch and childishness.