Open local tracks

Last weekend I thought I would go for a run at the TC Roberson High School track. When I went there, it was locked with a fence all around the track. I was truly shocked. The public high school track- fields up north where I used to live are all open to the public. There […]

Excited about new radio voice

This mountain town will soon have a new voice on the radio waves: AshevilleFM. Broadcasting as WSFM-LP at 103.3 FM from the roof of the Indigo Hotel, this all-volunteer radio station will feature locally-produced news, music, and community affairs programming, as well as national programs like Democracy Now! The folks at AshevilleFM have been producing […]

Fingers crossed for park

Now that the old garage and all the rest of it has been torn down across from the U.S. Cellular Center, the cleared space and the blue sky above it is a beautiful thing to behold. Surrounded by the Grove Arcade, the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, the U.S. Cellular Center, the Basilica of St. Lawrence, Pack […]

Ramp it down

I look forward to eating ramps every year and was excited to see them today at my local market. Unfortunately, the roots were still attached to the savory bulbs. Digging them up by the roots kills the plant, which will decimate an already endangered species! Having dug them a time or two myself, I was […]

Speed humps are a joke

I saw recently that the city is revisiting the issue of adding of more speed humps. Granted, traffic speeds along in most areas, particularly neighborhoods, at an unprecedented speed. It’s a shame we don’t post speed limits – oh yeah, we do. But speed humps are a joke. In my experience, and particularly since I […]

Disappoint­ed in DeBruhl

I was very disappointed to hear Miranda DeBruhl, candidate for Buncombe County Commissioner in District 3, criticize the county’s plan to reduce its energy usage [“The Politics of Sustainability,” April 16, Xpress]. The sustainability plan does require an upfront investment of over $800,000, but that investment is estimated to be paid back and save the […]

Yes to park on Haywood

To the town of Asheville, especially the mayor: Here are more citizens who strongly favor NO Building – YES Park on the property on Haywood in front of Basilica of St. Lawrence downtown. Please, please do not make money from builders in the short term, so that we have to live with an increasingly crowded city […]

Don’t leave out teen poets

Asheville Writers in the Schools serves our community well in providing workshops for young writers. We’ve had many opportunities to work in tandem with Janet Hurley and AWITS and we applaud their efforts. 
We applaud Xpress‘ major coverage of the re-emergence of poetry in Asheville [“Versify,” April 9] however we are disappointed that you failed […]