Include prices in food reviews

Conspicuously absent from Jonathan Ammons’ review of Vue 1913 at the Grove Park Inn [“Post-tablecloth dining at Vue 1913,” June 18, Xpress] was any mention of prices. By contrast, Gina Smith’s Small Bites feature offered price information for four of the establishments/events mentioned in her articles, as well as pricing information for her article on […]

Cowgirl mural is misogynist­ic

Misogyny is a term of broad, sometimes elusive rudiment. Some attempt to ascribe individual acts to it, when actually its core meaning represents something more symbolic, sociological. The mural portraying a cowgirl on the side of a building at 99 Riverside Drive, north of the River Arts District, is misogynistic because it depicts a woman […]

More voices to the BBQ story

Just read the recent article regarding “The Changing Face of North Carolina Barbecue,” June 4, Xpress] It did have some good points, and enjoyed reading the viewpoints of others but, it’s only the points from the “usual” cast of BBQ people in the area that get mentioned. There ARE others in the area besides “the usual […]

Letterpres­s lives on

When I read the Mountain Xpress article “Power of the Press” [May 14], I thought to myself “what, nothing about Mark Olson?” Then his name came up in Arnold Wengrow’s letter to the editor the following week [“Letterpress Artist Deserves Attention,” May 21, Xpress] . It is somewhat of a puzzle that the 2010 article […]

Can’t trust Turner

Who would trust progressive candidate Brian Turner? What legislator would want to work with him? He is running against Rep. Tim Moffitt for N.C. House District 116 (Buncombe District 3), and he has already made several poor and underhanded decisions. Turner has secretly recorded his so-called “friend,” County Commissioner David King (District 3). Secondly, Turner […]

Privacy should be guaranteed

Photographer Brian Green (“Privacy Not Guaranteed,” May 27, Xpress) doesn’t seem to have a very strong moral compass. Addressing some folks’ concerns that his work — which seems to consist mostly of nonconsensual photographs of people in public, sometimes taken without their knowledge — is exploitative, he basically says he can’t help it, and that […]