GO WITH THE FLOW: Saraswati Markus treats women's issues such as fertility and menopause with a combination of Chinese medicine and yoga.

A Q&A with Nourishing Life Center founder Saraswati Marcus

While teaching women’s-only Dao Flow Yoga class at Asheville Yoga Center, Dr. Saraswati Markus was approached by several women who were seeking natural solutions for their health problems. In response, Markus, a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine, decided it was time to open her own clinic locally. She opened the Nourishing Life Center […]

A short yoga class led by Cameron Gunter of Traveling Yogini Tours is the participants' second stop on the wellness tour.

Asheville Wellness Tours offer a relaxing take on sightseein­g

When it comes to tours, Asheville is loaded with them. There are tours for eating and drinking, historic walks, comedy bus tours and river rafting events. But this spring saw the launch of something new — the Asheville Wellness Tour.  A collaboration between three local businesses, the Asheville Therapeutic Salt Cave, Traveling Yogini and Wake […]

Photo by Taylor Johnson

Watch and learn: Playback Theatre creates community healing

“Let’s watch.” These words commence the evening’s performance at Playback Theatre. Actors come forward, improvising as they go to illustrate a story. Audience members will likely resonate with the unfolding tale because it is, after all, their story. Within this theatrical environment, actors and audience participate in a night of theater and storytelling that can […]

Caty Carlin is the co-founder of the Center for Arts in Medicine in Asheville.

Arts in medicine summit

Launched by Caty Carlin and Connie Schrader of the Asheville Center for Arts and Medicine, the Asheville Arts in Medicine Summit is open to artists, healthcare providers and anyone interested in exploring the transformative power of art. The three-day conference takes place Thursday through Saturday, March 6-8, at the Laurel Forum and Karpen Hall at […]

Co-luminate core team members gather in the new multi-use space. From left to right: Erica Mueller, Michael Hurd, Karin Petersen, Luz Rosengren, Reve Shannon, Aaron Maret and BJ Harden Jones. Erica Mueller

Co-working, co-luminating

Walking into co-luminate — the small, downtown community space tucked away behind Laurey’s Catering and next to Go Yoga — is like entering a friend’s cozy living room, complete with warm lighting, tables, chairs, floor seats, Persian carpets and pillows. Unlike a friend’s living room, however, you’ll notice people scattered around, working independently on their […]

Laura Hope-Gill, director of the graduate writing program at Lenoir-Rhyne University, believes that “physicians can be the initial authors, the bringers of that new narrative thread into our stories.” Michael Oppenheim

Storytelli­ng for wellness

Laura Hope-Gill’s fascination with story and healing began when she was diagnosed with late-onset deafness. She felt that the language her doctor used in delivering her diagnosis had nothing to do with her or her story. “The way it was presented to me, my hearing life was over,” she says. “That isn't the case. It […]

Artist Caty Carlin is developing an Arts in Medicine program in the area. Photo courtesy of Bob Cotton

Art as medicine

Artist Caty Carlin believes that “textile-making is a direct connection to healing,” adding, “Cloth was the medium through which I found sacredness.” And while textiles are Carlin’s preferred mode of expression, she maintains that the therapeutic process is in the creation of all art, regardless of the medium. She hopes to harness this healing power […]