Down to the wire

Leaf season may be a bit drab this year, but election fever has splattered Western North Carolina with a showy palette of colorful characters and splashy campaigns. Reflecting the broader dynamics of national politics in a pivotal midterm appraisal, candidates across the spectrum are striving to press their advantage while exploiting opponents’ perceived weaknesses. The […]

Action figures

As election season moves into high gear, the focus tends to be on the two main political parties and their candidates. But while that approach makes sense, it overlooks some key facets of this unique community. Asheville is often viewed as a liberal city, both politically and culturally. A majority of current City Council members […]

The way to anyone’s heart…

Among the most burningly universal human traits is the craving to be known — truly known — as we believe ourselves to be. In a sense, it’s why we paint or sculpt, build or boast — and, against all odds or logic, tread the often-thorny path of romance. But because who we are is at […]

Not your average election

Candidate Q&A Terry Bellamy Robin Cape Joe Dunn Bryan Freeborn Holly Jones Carl Mumpower Chris Pelly Keith Thomson For even more candidate information, see Xpress’ 2005 primary guide. by Peter Gregutt Asheville’s upcoming general election could dramatically alter the orientation of city government — or leave it virtually unchanged. Depending on the outcome, there could […]

Truth or consequenc­es?

Fund for Investigative Reporting Used to be, you could bite into an apple and your biggest worry might be finding a worm in it. Today, growing numbers of consumers seem more worried about not finding one. Concerns about agribusiness practices and chemicals have fueled a boom in organic food, turning it from grassroots fringe phenomenon […]

Hot potatoes

A few key concerns top nearly everybody’s list of gripes about the proposed rules: genetic engineering, irradiation, and sewage sludge, which critics say run counter to the whole spirit of organics. Right now, the rules neither prohibit nor allow these practices to be used on food labeled “organic.” And USDA officials stress that they’re not […]