Celebratio­n Israel

Falafel, vegetarian schwarma with hummus, matbucha Moroccan tomato salad and pita, all paired with a hearty serving of baklava for dessert and washed down with mint lemonade: This is just one of combinations that will be served up at the Celebration Israel Festival of Food and Culture on Sunday, May 4.

Something to stew about

A change of just one little letter turns a chili pepper — an ordinary spicy restaurant garnish — into a chile — an authentic, traditional New Mexican treat. The green Hatch chile packs a unique flavor profile, and West Asheville’s Zia Taqueria is one of only about 20 restaurants in the country where diners can […]

A spoonful of cacao

“I think cacao is nature’s antidepressant,” says Aradhana Silvermoon. Unleashing a radiant smile, she rolls over an exercise ball and starts bouncing her 3-month-old daughter, Perseia, swaddled closely to her chest. Although Silvermoon has cut back significantly on chocolate since beginning to breast-feed, the joy her budding Asheville business brings to both her family and […]

Pigging out

At first glance, the Red Wattle pig gives no telltale signs that it’s the source of what leading culinary professionals consider the highest quality pork money can buy. The distinctive sags of skin that hang from either side of its neck look almost like defects, and the pleasing pink hue that one might expect has […]

Pride and no prejudice

Shawna Morey remembers attending the very first Blue Ridge Pride Festival back in 2009. Since then, she says, “It’s gotten huge.” But the annual event is only one of the many ways Blue Ridge Pride, an Asheville-based nonprofit, works to promote local acceptance of the LGBTQ community. “We filed for power of attorney at Blue […]

Righteous mother

Folk singer and feminist icon Ani DiFranco begins her fall tour just five months after the birth of her second child, Dante DiFranco Napolitano. Admitting that mothering a newborn who “likes to party all night long” is exhausting, DiFranco says she’s eager to get back into the world and make music again. Her latest album, […]

Reinventin­g the wheel

Kolo Bike Park is the adrenaline-junkie’s wonderland. “It's like a little piece of roller coaster, except I get to drive!” says Eric Krause in reference to the fall-away tabletop, his favorite section of the park. The 20-year veteran mountain biker is the brains behind the project. Asheville is a world-class cycling destination, he says, and […]

Buck up

In times of distress or grief, any means of solution is on the table — or, in the case of Spirited Connections, in the stable. Rebecca Stares, owner of the equine therapy program, cites an example from the early days of her practice. A family struggling with the father’s recent death entered a stable together, […]

Tell me everything

“You know, I don’t have any secrets,” Fiora Lizak says when asked about her role in Secrets: Freeing the Hidden Story, Community Choreography Project’s latest production,. A smile slowly spreads across her face and she bursts out laughing. CCP artistic director Barrie Barton knows the challenges of getting people to openly admit or discuss, let […]