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Mind, Body, Spirit

Moonjata Massage & Bodywork

Posted on
Jun. 28th

Need support with big life changes that you wish to create or perhaps have happened and blindsided you?
Try a Spiritual "Massage" (energy work).
Or destress with a relaxing Esalen Massage.


Posted on
Apr. 22nd

Licensed counselor and accredited professional astrologer uses your chart when counseling for additional insight into yourself, your relationships and life directions. Stellar Counseling Services. Christy Gunther, MA, LCMHC. (828) 258-3229.


Posted on
Mar. 30th

Michelle Payton, M.A., D.C.H., Author |
828-681-1728 | http://www.MichellePayton.com |
Mind Over Matter Solutions books, online and in-person education, workshops and sessions. Positive 
Hypnosis—re-learning thru positive reinforcement,
Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-Linguistic
Programming, Birth Mix Personality
Assessment, Past Life Regression.