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Professional/ Management

Camp and Program Manager

Posted on
Sep. 20th

Full Time (32 to 40 hours per week)
Pay Rate: This position is Non-Exempt, Hourly with a starting Pay Rate of $20 per Hour
Required: Excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills; Leadership experience, such as in a camp program; Comfortable working with Microsoft Suite and Google Suite; Excited to work with youth and teens!
Preferred: Supervision of staff and/or volunteers; Knowledge of the foster care system; Knowledge of non-profit organizations
Work Schedule: This position is 50% remote, working from home, with a flexible schedule, but does also require attendance at both overnight and day camps, meetings, and events. This position receives 22 days of PTO and 13 Holiday days annually.

The Program Manager is responsible for maintaining the integrity of all Under One Sky programs, which will be housed under H3 Collective beginning in January, 2023.

The Program Manager will serve on the Leadership Team with the Program Director (PD) and the Youth Services Director (YSD) to create and nurture a mentoring community that provides a continuum of services for youth in foster care, ages 7-26 that prepares them for the next phase of their lives, including adoption, new or continued foster placements, aging out of the foster care system, or reunification with birth family. Current programming includes Jr. Journey Camp (ages 7-11), Journey Camp (ages 11-17), Passages & Rites of Passage (ages 15+), and the Mentor Program (ages 7+).

The Program Manager must uphold all policies and procedures, making sure that staff follow these procedures, and provide for the safety and structure...