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Professional/ Management

United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County (UWABC) is committed to co-creating a united, resilient community where everyone belongs and everyone thrives.

To help achieve this, we are transforming our traditional approach to community engagement and creating a new senior-level position to take the lead. The Vice President of Community Engagement will have a unique opportunity to design their own position to best fit the broad vision and objectives of the new Community Engagement department, which include:

- Building authentic relationships and trust, particularly in communities with lived experience of poverty and injustice

- Identifying, amplifying, and uplifting grassroots initiatives and leadership aligned with UWABC’s vision, mission, and focus

- Driving broad community participation in decision-making, volunteerism, and other UWABC experiences

Reporting to the President and CEO, the Vice President of Community Engagement will serve as an integral member of the executive leadership team. unitedwayabc.org/employment-opportunities

Responsible for agency compliance with standards, training staff, supervising staff. A regular, full-time, exempt position. Regional travel and occasional evening/ weekend hours. Resume and cover letter to .