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OnTrack WNC is hiring a Director of Programs!

Job Description

Foster a collaborative and generative environment that centers clients, furthers racial equity, and focuses on the strategic implementation of our agency vision, programming, organizational sustainability, and financial goals. In collaboration with program staff, other directors, and Executive Director, envision, design, develop, and implement direct service programming that centers the client, leverages staff capabilities, and meets funder commitments.

Job Duties

• Cultivate a team that provides high quality services to clients and the community, using tools such as collaboration, planning, problem solving, and quality improvement.
• Facilitate team meetings, individual supervisory meetings, and annual performance reviews to ensure ongoing staff support and training, programmatic updates, and on-target program performance.
• Coordinate department administrative tasks including timesheets, scheduling, and staff certifications.
• Recruit, hire, and train staff, as needed, using and evolving existing procedures.

Programs and Services:

• Monitor client demand, staff capacity, agency needs, and financial resources to create balanced and realistic service delivery plans.
• Work with the team to co-create and evolve service procedures, documents, and curriculum.
• Monitor program performance and quality regularly to ensure goals are being met and, if not, proactively address concerns internally and/or with the funder.
• Facilitate systems of programmatic data collection, reporting, analysis, and updates.
• Collaborate with Finance & Operations department staff on agency wide projects such as grant writing and progress updates, annual report, audits, accreditation, etc.
• Facilitate strategic partnerships in line with agency goals, funding, and community need.
• Support visioning, program development, staff competency, and implementation across all program areas including one-on-one counseling/coaching, group education, employer programs, and specialized programs such as SECURE and VITA.
• Obtain HUD Housing Counselor certification.

As a member of Leadership Team:

• Participate in agency strategic planning and implementation.
• Review and provide recommendations for agency financial/budget planning, new programs and outreach, and staff compensation policy and salary ranges.
• Attend meetings of the Board of Directors or Board Committees, if needed.

Other duties as assigned.

Our commitments:
OnTrack is committed to being a leader in inclusion and welcoming in the financial field, and our goal is to set the standard for others in the industry. We recognize that by continuing this work of introspection and dedication to inclusivity we will contribute to building a culture that supports the financial goals of everyone, regardless of their background.

Application Instructions
See ontrackwnc.org/were-hiring for full job description and how to apply.

Deadline: Friday, May 24, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. emilyr@ontrackwnc.org https://ontrackwnc.org/

Website: https://ontrackwnc.org/

E-mail: emilyr@ontrackwnc.org