Banishing blank walls

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Nathanael Roney. Mural by Ted Harper



    -by Kyle Sherard
    Blue Spiral 1 started off the 2012 exhibition calendar with the annual reprise of New x Three. This year’s show features new works by five southeastern artists that are themselves…
  • Banish our blank walls

    -by Webmaster
    Murals may be the quintessence of public art work, a realm that includes much more than publicly funded community projects. Public art, let’s say, is art in public, which, for…
  • Drumming up support

    -by Webmaster
    The violence may have settled down in Ivory Coast, but Adama Dembele doesn’t want to go back. He has friends in Asheville, and a home here. He has a thriving…
  • Jack of the Wood shifts gears

    -by Webmaster
    While, as the saying goes, nothing is certain but death and taxes, there are some constants in this crazy world. Such as that Jack of the Wood (being based on…
  • Sarong it’s right

    -by Alli Marshall
    According to Malaysian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter Zee Avi, the ukulele is the new electric guitar. "The ukulele is becoming my main instrument," she says. Partly because the diminutive stringed instrument…
  • Here to show our stuff

    -by Aiyanna Sezak-Blatt
    Their dance styles, personalities and body types are extremely different, but in the studio and on stage, something simply clicks. “She’s a little powerhouse of energy,” says Lindsey Kelley, describing…
  • Smart Bets: Drunken Prayer

    -by Xpress Staff
    "If I lived in Brazil, would you come visit me?" asks Morgan Christopher Geer of Drunken Prayer on "Brazil," the opening track from his new album, Into the Missionfield. First…
  • Smart Bets: Ghost Wolves

    -by Xpress Staff
    "We are a blues/rock explosion in the vein of The Cramps, The White Stripes, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, etc.," writes Austin, Texas band The Ghost Wolves. Even more compelling, the…
  • Smart Bets: Rennie Harris Puremovement

    -by Xpress Staff
    The last time Philadelphia-based hip-hop dance company Rennie Harris Puremovement was in Asheville was 2005. Seven years is a long wait for the return of virtuosic urban dance. But the…
  • Smart Bets: Sara Benincasa

    -by Xpress Staff
    Sara Benincasa, the author of the hilarious (and sometime squeamish-making) Agorafabulous! Dispatches From My Bedroom tells, in unflinching detail, the story of her struggle with anxiety disorder and debilitating agoraphobia.…

    -by Webmaster
    Open Hearts Arts Center offers art training to adults with emotional and intellectual disabilities, and is the only program in Asheville that does so — employing professional artists as teachers…
  • Weekly Picks

    -by Webmaster
    Sip coffee and chow down on bake goods at Java for Justice, a fundraiser for Pisgah Legal Services. Local restaurants including City Bakery, Mosaic Café and West End Bakery will…


  • Talent show

    -by Mackensy Lunsford
    The National Truffle Fest draws an incredible pool of talented regional chefs and other truffle experts: Shannon M. Berch is a research scientist for the BC Ministry of Environment, has…
  • Where the truffles are

    -by Mackensy Lunsford
    Wine-and-truffle pairing dinners, hosted by executive chefs and winemakers, will take place in several area restaurants at 7 p.m. on Friday, February 24 as part of the National Truffle Fest.…
  • America’s most wanted fungus

    -by Mackensy Lunsford
    It's difficult to pinpoint what makes truffles so sought after. No description does them justice. They can best be described as having a deliciously pungent and musky flavor, but beyond…
  • Small Bites: Dine to Be Kind

    -by Webmaster
    On Tuesday, Feb. 28, your choice of dining venue can help save the lives of area dogs and cats. Many Asheville-area restaurants have chosen to participate in the Animal Compassion…
  • Small Bites: Vanuatu Kava Bar moves to Eagle Street

    -by Webmaster
    The Vanuatu Kava Bar has moved to a new location at 15 Eagle St. and now offers a very affordable lunch. The alcohol-free bar serves kava, a root-based drink that’s…
  • Small Bites: Food on view at the Fine Arts Theatre

    -by Webmaster
    In celebration of Curaté tapas bar's first anniversary (has it been that long already?) the restaurant will host a showing of the movie El Bulli: Cooking in Progress at the…
  • The Beat: Decamped

    -by Webmaster
    Feb. 17, morning… A red-tailed hawk circles high above Asheville City Hall, basking in the rising sun. Still in the shadow of the mountain, the Occupy Asheville encampment is stirring.…


  • Food-insecure: Widespread hunger persists in WNC

    -by Megan Dombroski
    Canned corn, green beans and big jars of pickles are stacked to the ceiling at MANNA FoodBank’s distribution center on Swannanoa River Road, yet even this well-stocked warehouse isn’t enough…
  • Quick study

    -by Caitlin Byrd
    No funeral bells rang out during a Feb. 13 forum on the future of the Asheville water system hosted by the local League of Women Voters. But a hand-bell choir…
  • Time’s up

    -by David Forbes
    Asheville City Council Feb. 14, 2012 meeting Resolution opposing corporate personhood approved • Council Council firm on retaining water system After months of wrangling, false starts, temporary arrangements and failed…
  • Totally Tubular

    -by Webmaster
    What: Break out your neon snow pants and radical leg warmers for the Town of Beech Mountain’s Totally ‘80s Ski Weekend. Swish down the slopes just like the guys from…


  • Get a Job, Hippie!

    -by Brent Brown
  • Gas Chamber

    -by Molton
  • Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 02/22/12

    -by Webmaster
    • Local woman emerges from blackout horrified to learn she opened Asheville’s first craft distillery for boutique moonshine in large production space with excellent marketing, distribution • 17 candidates to…
  • Racism runs deep in the human psyche

    -by Webmaster
    I commend Felicia Dickson on her thoughtful, well-chosen words about one of the violent actions in our community [“Just Say No,” Feb. 15 Xpress]. Her first illustration and her experience/confession…
  • Green downtown Asheville

    -by Webmaster
    It has come to my attention that the McKibben Group is interested in purchasing several city-owned pieces of property around the Basilica of St. Lawrence in order to construct a…
  • Let those who want convenience pay for it

    -by Webmaster
    In response to the article suggesting forcing everyone in the county to pay for garbage pickup, I want to speak out [“Retreat and Advance,” Feb. 8 Xpress]. Because of my…
  • Bothwell, a Roosevelt Democrat

    -by Webmaster
    In the President’s State of the Union speech, he masterfully called America to rally to the vision of inclusiveness and fairness he has sought to implement through his presidency. Despite…
  • Mad about Drew

    -by Webmaster
    Drew Reisinger, our Buncombe County Register of Deeds, is my dear friend. He is also a former Obama organizer, statesman, outdoorsman, hiker, rafter, runner, gardener, compost maker, equality ally, labor…