Bully-proof and proud

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  • Quick reference: martial arts branches

    -by Webmaster
    Confused about the scores of martial-arts types and options out there? The list below defines the most popular forms. Asian Korean: TaeKwon-do is South Korea’s national sport. Loosely translated as…
  • Taking a stand, giving a voice

    -by Tracy Rose
    An unusual bit of bean counting took place at Ira B. Jones Elementary School in north Asheville. During a school assembly — part of national “No Name-Calling Week” — students…
  • Making youth bully-proof

    -by Webmaster
    Asheville City Schools participated in “National No-Name-Calling Week” in January, and a Norwegian-born initiative called the “Olweus Bullying Prevention Program” is being gradually implemented at all grade levels. But administrative…
  • Advanced linguistics

    -by Alli Marshall
    Like pillow talk, sweet nothings and other murmurs that constitute love language (the communique), The Love Language (the Raleigh-based indie-rock band) exists in a realm that is largely untethered and…
  • Mightier than the sword

    -by Webmaster
    As a fifth grader at Isaac Dickson Elementary, Alicia was shocked to learn that in the 21st century, cross burnings were still happening — not only in the wider world,…
  • A sea of reverb

    -by Dane Smith
    "People who listen to more straight music can get into this record I guess," says Kurt Vile with a full-throated laugh. The Philadelphia-based songwriter has been struggling to articulate the…
  • The mind and body method

    -by Webmaster
    There’s hardly a school these days that doesn’t have some kind of bullying-awareness program. Anti-bullying efforts teach students how to deal with bullies, offer counsel to kids who find themselves…
  • Smart Bets: Pierce Edens and The Dirty Work

    -by Xpress Staff
    Local roots rocker Pierce Edens has been road-testing his newest material (for an album set to drop later this spring) while on tour up and down the East Coast. Besides…
  • Smart Bets: Men’s Dance Festival

    -by Xpress Staff
    This is the seventh installment of this “fun, humorous, provocative evening" of dance, ranging from hip-hop and modern to folklorics and performance art. Performers are both amateur and professional, but…
  • Smart Bets: Look Up Asheville II

    -by Xpress Staff
    Creative trifecta Michael Oppenheim (photos), Laura Hope-Gill (essays) and Michele Scheve (design) announce the launch of their latest collaborative effort, Look Up Asheville II. Picking up where architecture/prose book Look…
  • Smart Bets: Dup Fest

    -by Xpress Staff
    By now you've probably heard the sad/infuriating story about how local musician Dup Crosson (Saint Solitude, To All My Dear Friends) was robbed of $5,000 worth of equipment — a…
  • Get campy!

    -by Webmaster
    Arts and Academics Enrollment is open for Appalachian Institute of Creative Learning’s Summer Enrichment Camp, held at scenic Warren Wilson College in two weeklong sessions: July 15-21 and July 22-28.…

    -by Webmaster
    What used to be the entire Asheville Art Museum is now but its north wing. That’s because 7,000 square feet of new exhibition space (formerly occupied by the Health Adventure)…
  • Earth Day photo contest, week two

    -by Webmaster
    Asheville Earth Day and Xpress have teamed up on a photo contest leading up to this year’s Saturday, April 21 festival. Photo entries are to be uploaded to the official…


  • The business of nourishment

    -by Mackensy Lunsford
    After almost a decade in business, Rosetta's Kitchen on Lexington Avenue is expanding in a big way. While business booms, Rosetta Star remains grounded in community. The restaurant owner and…
  • Small Bites: Sugar Momma’s Cookies wants a truck

    -by Webmaster
    Sugar Momma's Cookies is looking to get into the food-truck game. The cookie company began providing Asheville with sweets in 2005, opening a storefront at 13 Broadway St., which closed…
  • Small Bites: Food-centric events that give back to the community

    -by Webmaster
    We all scream for greenways During the rest of March, Ultimate Ice Cream Company shows support for local greenway development with its “I Scream for Greenways!” ice cream campaign. The…
  • Small Bites: Howling moonshine tastes like tradition

    -by Webmaster
    In a barely marked, relatively charmless building right off of I-26 in Woodfin, a sweet corn mash bubbles languidly in oak whiskey barrels that have been scraped clean of their…
  • The comfort — and surprise — of CSAs

    -by Webmaster
    It’s time to choose a CSA, and on March 29, ASAP will host a fair to help. This article is the first in a series of two profiling farmers who…


  • Green thumb:

    -by Webmaster
    “You have to keep in mind why you are pruning your fruit trees,” says local fruit magnate and artist Bill Whipple. “The goal is to let them make more fruit.”…


  • Fair trade?

    -by David Forbes
    Amid the recent furor over the future of Asheville’s water system, one important aspect has mostly escaped notice: In July, Henderson County is due to transfer a 137-acre Bent Creek…
  • Second cut: Council again considers joining billboard lawsuit

    -by David Forbes
    Asheville City Council March 13, 2012 meeting River District design review strengthened • Too much watershed logging allowed? For the second consecutive meeting, Asheville City Council members wrestled with whether…
  • Flashback

    -by Margaret Williams
    A recent article by Clarke Morrison quoted state Rep. Tim Moffitt saying, "Selective timbering under the auspices of a professional arborist is the best thing for a watershed" (see "Moffitt:…
  • In a heartbeat

    -by Caitlin Byrd
    When Dianne Cooks suddenly felt weak during a trip to the mailbox, she knew something wasn’t right. The pain was different: It didn’t feel like acid reflux. Cooks was going…


  • Election Year Puzzle Page!

    -by Brent Brown
  • Going Nuclear

    -by Molton
  • Disconcerting Terminology

    -by Molton
  • Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 03/21/12

    -by Webmaster
    • APD releases details of attempted bank robbery Average-sized male wearing sunglasses, hat still at large • Asheville businesses hope to attract ‘Hunger Games’ fans Experts expect filmgoers from around…
  • Random acts

    -by Webmaster
    I recently took part in Random Acts of Kindness Week, inspired by the work of Patience Salgado (see box, “Following Up”). A new assignment is given each day; Friday's was…
  • You can’t save daylight

    -by Webmaster
    I loved Norman Plombe's letter about eliminating dumb laws, and wanted to add another to the list: daylight saving time [“ALE Laws Hinder Sunday Morning Religious Activities, March 7 Xpress].…
  • Don’t fear the reviewer

    -by Webmaster
    In Ursula Gullow's very good interview with Heinz Kossler, the artist laments that when "you guys write about [art] shows," meaning Mountain Xpress and presumably the Asheville Citizen-Times, "there's no…
  • A healthy environment is a win-win-win

    -by Webmaster
    Of late, I’ve noticed ads from the Southern Poverty Law Center in the Mountain Xpress asking our legislators to protect our air and water and help us get good jobs.…
  • Please don’t annex our water

    -by Webmaster
    Without the consent or approval of Buncombe County’s citizens and representatives, Rep. Tim Moffitt has proposed to take property that does not belong to the state. This government ambush from…
  • Community art? Don’t make me LAAFF

    -by Webmaster
    I recently came across a post on Asheville Craigslist [asking] artists for submissions for the poster design for the Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival. In the area of the…
  • Arts2People responds

    -by Webmaster
    It is the mission of Arts2People to promote the role of the arts as an integral part of our culture, to bring the arts to those in need of its…
  • Support Medicare, support Patsy Keever

    -by Webmaster
    For the past two years, I have been a Medicare recipient and have added an AARP supplement. So far, I have been very happy with the care I have received…
  • My heart belongs to Holly (and Brownie)

    -by Webmaster
    I am writing to encourage all citizens to vote for Holly Jones and Brownie Newman to serve as commissioners here in Buncombe County. I've watched for the past 10 years…
  • Hedging New-Age bets

    -by Webmaster
    A handy way to view the political landscape is to define everyone left of conservative as liberal. Given the vast influx of artists, nonconformists, and nature lovers, there may now…
  • No fly zone

    -by Molton