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  • Sunday school

    -by Alli Marshall
    “We had an idea of how we wanted it to sound,” says Cliff Worsham, half of local electronic project RBTS WIN. He’s talking about the band’s new album, Palm Sunday,…
  • Rollin’ on the river

    -by Webmaster
    The G.E.D. Records soul showcase takes the stage as the third installment of this year’s RiverMusic series, created by environmental nonprofit RiverLink. This is the second year for the event,…
  • Soul satisfaction

    -by Alli Marshall
    There’s a definite rise in the number of soul music groups, and not just in the back-in-the-day-revival, televised for a PBS fundraiser special bands. You know: The Drifters, The Miracles,…
  • Time management

    -by Alli Marshall
    “People think, with me, that it’s a dress-up contest or a history project,” says dapper roots musician (and former, albeit briefly, Asheville resident) Pokey LaFarge. “I just choose to look…
  • Celebrity chefs and reality TV, fringe style

    -by Max Miller
    The local restaurant scene, like most of Asheville culture, could use a good-natured ribbing every now and then. And who better to take up the task than the Magnetic Theatre,…
  • Big names, little town

    -by Steph Guinan
    Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger, Robert Mapplethorpe, Willem de Kooning, Cy Twombly, Keith Haring, Martin Puryear, Jenny Holzer, Carl Andre and William Eggleston — it sounds like a litany from an…
  • Smart Bets: Eagle Street Playwrights

    -by Xpress Staff
    The Apothecary and Black Swan Theater are teaming up to support local playwriting. Or, as press for the inaugural meeting of the Eagle Street Playwrights says, "to encourage, refine, and…
  • Smart Bets: Brushfire Stankgrass

    -by Xpress Staff
    If you missed the well-matched pairing earlier this year of local bluegrass-rock outfit Brushfire Stankgrass and Richmond, Va.-based rock-funk-jam ensemble The Shack Band, you're in luck. The two groups will…
  • Smart Bets: Rebecca Pronsky

    -by Xpress Staff
    "Rebecca Pronsky could probably sing the phone book and bring out subtle nuances in the listings with her penetrating voice," said Blurt Magazine of the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter-guitarist. And Northern Sky…
  • Smart Bets: Best of the 48 Hour Film Project

    -by Xpress Staff
    There was light, and sound, and action, and one quick weekend to complete masterful short films. Though the 48 Hour Film Project has come and gone for yet another year,…
  • State of the Arts

    -by Kyle Sherard
    The “Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts,” ILSSA for short, has over 200 members from 28 states and 5 countries. They’re artists and artisans, crafters and creators bound…
  • Calendar highlights: metal quilts, summer hikes and Saturn’s rings

    -by Webmaster
  • Clubland features: Nathaniel Earl Bowles, Colonel Bruce Hampton and Untapped

    -by Webmaster


  • Big on the pig … and the cow, chicken and turkey

    -by Emily Patrick
    Carolina Mountain Ribfest offers a weekend of barbecue and extreme festival eats
  • Cool cookies: Sunshine Sammies brings ice cream sandwiches to Patton Avenue

    -by Emily Patrick
    The solar-powered street cart sells several creative varieties of the frozen treat.
  • Lobster for less

    -by Emily Patrick
    One Friday a month, Micheal Scharf waits in his car in the parking lot of Innsbruck Mall, ready to open his trunk for a select group of customers and show…
  • A ride for the price of a pint

    -by Emily Patrick
    You’ve probably seen the billboards, the ones that say “You just blew $10,000.” They’re anti-DUI adverts, and the idea is that by the time you pay legal fees and fines,…
  • Summer of Saison

    -by Webmaster
    Many think that if Asheville had an official beer, it would be an IPA. So when the Asheville Brewers Alliance chose a style to brew together for Asheville Beer Week,…
  • Restaurant-go-round

    -by Emily Patrick
    Thai Basil in the Grove Arcade is closed, but it will soon reopen as Thai Tara. Tony Pornchinda of Charlotte recently purchased the business with some partners, and he says…



  • Money for MAMA

    -by Webmaster
    In an emergency, where every second counts, the ancient discovery made by Greek mathematician Archimedes still holds true today: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But…
  • Casting a festive net

    -by Webmaster
    This is the second story in a series featuring local tech and Internet businesses based in Western North Carolina. Be it a folk artist in search of an art festival…
  • Asheville abortion clinic would be only one in NC to meet new restrictions

    -by Webmaster
    If the North Carolina General Assembly adopts last-minute bill amendments that would change the state's requirements for abortion clinics, Asheville's FemCare Inc. could be the only one of 16 in…
  • Candler adult-care home Canterbury Hills to close at the end of July

    -by Caitlin Byrd
    Canterbury Hills — a 99-bed adult-care home with a history of complaints, EMS calls and state violations — will close at the end of the month. The announcement came quietly…
  • Credit builder

    -by Webmaster
    Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Federal Co-Chair Earl F. Gohl has announced the creation of Appalachian Community Capital (ACC), a new central bank for development lenders that will increase the availability…
  • Booster club

    -by Webmaster
    For Rosman business owners Curtis and Leah Buchanan, it’s all about helping their local community. When the couple decided to move their graphic-design business, Dabbler Graphics, out of their home…
  • Business Blotter

    -by Webmaster
    Openings Nomatic Studios music mastering services. 512-0013. (Pictured.) Closings The Health Adventure closes July 14. 800 Brevard Road, #620 Subway, 33 Battery Park Ave. Next week Coming up next…


  • Survey says….

    -by Webmaster
  • Rural Distillery

    -by Brent Brown
  • Asheville Disclaimer 07/10/13

    -by Webmaster
    Pub-cycle hiring drivers as Asheville’s self-propelled, wheeled drunk-tourism industry finds its legs
  • Hoggin’ profits from a Home Ground Treasure

    -by Katie Souris
    Tell me someone else has noticed that the groundhogs are plotting a takeover. In fact, it may already be underway.  Drive onto Interstate 240 West from Riverside Drive any day,…
  • Give Diaz a chance

    -by Webmaster
    Emily Patrick’s June 26 portrayal of Hector Diaz in “The Many Lives of Hector Diaz” is further evidence that she has raised the bar for food writing in Asheville. Very…
  • Enough is enough

    -by Webmaster
    Regarding Asheville Police Chief William Anderson: This is nothing but a witch hunt by a select group of cowardly people who want to see the demise and fall of Asheville's…
  • Safety before pleasantries

    -by Webmaster
    In reply to Mark Muhlenfeld's June 19 letter, “Next Time, Try Waving”: I've been riding motorcycles for 50 years. My experience has taught me that the motorcyclists who live longest…
  • It’s time to protect our health and communities

    -by Webmaster
    There is no reason why our society, in the 21st century, should face the dangerous risks associated with irresponsible management of coal ash. The EPA has labeled the two coal-ash…
  • Protect our community from coal ash

    -by Webmaster
    The Asheville coal plant is the largest coal-burning power plant in Western North Carolina. Ten percent of the coal burned there becomes the toxic waste referred to as “coal ash.”…