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  • A Brand-New Hunt

    -by Webmaster
    I'm on hold with Warner Brothers Records, and a pretty typical modern pop song is blaring from my receiver. The treble is too high, blurring the melody and the tone…
  • Smart Bets: David Wilcox

    -by Xpress Staff
    Singer/songwriter David Wilcox is an Asheville staple going back to the '90s when he played in Black Mountain's storied McDibbs, released his East Asheville Hardware album and his songs like…
  • Smart Bets: Sonmi

    -by Xpress Staff
    Local electronic band Sonmi has been having a pretty great year, what with Bele Chere and Moogfest engagements. The instrumental outfit wraps up 2011 with one more local performance —…
  • Smart Bets: Merry Everything holiday party

    -by Xpress Staff
    "Whether one celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, yule or any other holiday, this will be the party to attend," promises illustration and pop culture art gallery/retail space ZaPow! Browse all things…
  • Smart Bets: Déjà Fuze

    -by Xpress Staff
    Prog-electronic quartet Déjà Fuze formed in Buffalo one January, perhaps trying to get through the winter doldrums or to stay warm. Either way, the band (now based in Asheville) probably…
  • Go Local!

    -by Rebecca Sulock
    Here’s a gift idea for you: The brand-new Go Local discount card being offered by the Asheville City Schools Foundation and the Asheville Grown Business Alliance. Remember school checks? They…
  • Weekly Picks

    -by Webmaster
    Environmental leader Bill McKibben will speak at UNCA’s Lipinsky Auditorium on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. Free, but limited seating. Info: A candlelight memorial vigil will honor World…


  • Meet your matcha

    -by Mackensy Lunsford
    In the West, we're likely to associate any kind of powdered food or beverage with inauthenticity. Powdered lemonade, powdered cheese sauce and powdered milk — they all smack of the…
  • Small Bites: Green Sage south now open

    -by Webmaster
    The Green Sage Coffeehouse and Café recently opened at 1800 Hendersonville Road, in the Dingle Creek Crossing shopping center. This is the second location for the eatery. The first opened…
  • Small Bites: Spreading the love … and the pizza

    -by Webmaster
    How well does Asheville support local? Well enough that at least one local business has been able to take over a building recently abandoned by a struggling chain restaurant. When…
  • Know your local brewers

    -by Anne Fitten Glenn
    Brewer interview: Bill Drew of Craggie Brewing Company Ever wondered who exactly is behind those local brews you’re sipping? We have. So we decided it would be fun to run…


  • Hitting home

    -by Jake Frankel
    Buncombe County Board of Commissioners Nov. 15, 2011 meeting Residents still divided over tax increase Planning Board appointments postponed The Buncombe County commissioners kicked off their Nov. 15 meeting by…
  • Now what?

    -by Tracy Rose
    As a local program that trains workers for green jobs winds down, staff and graduates alike confront a frustrating situation. “As far as finding training-related work, that’s the challenge,” says…
  • Turn Black Friday green

    -by Webmaster
    What: Let’s face it — you probably won’t be first in line at any big box store this Friday. Rather than wait all morning for a big screen TV, skip…
  • Mother knows best?

    -by Webmaster
    Coming out of general anesthesia, Erin Salkin opened her eyes and looked around the hospital room, searching for the woman who could answer her question. She’d just given birth to…


  • Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 11/23/11

    -by Webmaster
    • Iron Man III to film in NC; Will feature scene-stealing ‘Arn Man’ character spewing homespun drollery • 500K fewer visitors to Smokies this year; Bad Bob’s Parkway Exit Jiggle…
  • Corporate Education

    -by Brent Brown
  • U.S. Cullular

    -by Molton
  • What’s in a name?

    -by Webmaster
    Stop! Let the city's citizens weigh in over such an important decision! —Helen Bodel, Asheville To have the Asheville Civic Center renamed when it was not even open to bids…
  • Max Cooper’s subjects are harbingers of things to come

    -by Webmaster
    Great piece by Max Cooper in the Nov. 9 Xpress [“Asheville Argus: Eyes on the Street”]. His pictorial and verbal observations of today's Asheville amplify my misconceptions of the Asheville…
  • The “ironey” is lost on me

    -by Webmaster
    I am highly offended by your cartoon that shows someone in a green hat, and brown pants, and who is a photographer [“Brent Brown: Ironey the Iron,” Nov. 16 Xpress].…
  • Brent Brown responds

    -by Brent Brown
    The cartoon of the photographer who’s forced into homelessness despite, ironically, being the best in his profession, was not based on you. Rather, the cartoon alludes to a Nov. 2…
  • Let’s be allies

    -by Webmaster
    I was saddened to see Chuck Shepherd's glib treatment of transgender children [“News of the Weird: Faimly Values,” Nov. 22 Xpress). Let's not perpetuate the ignorance and lack of acceptance…
  • What’s so edgy about statistics?

    -by Jordan Foltz
    It’s not that the “The 7 Billionth Person on Earth” was an offensive, controversial or even inaccurate article, it was just plain superfluous [“Edgy Mama,” Nov. 9 Xpress]. Couldn’t something…
  • A big yuck to the Mountain Xpress

    -by Webmaster
    A big yuck to the Mountain Xpress for printing the photo of a woman's leg shackled to a dancing pole in an ad for a local nightspot. Hooray for healthy…
  • New hours at Whole Foods neglect early-morning customers

    -by Webmaster
    This morning, I stopped by Greenlife Grocery, more accurately known as Whole Foods, to grab a coffee and muffin on my way to work. It was 7:30 a.m., a time…
  • Local flavors will continue to define Greenlife

    -by Webmaster
    Greenlife Grocery appreciates the feedback about the change in our opening hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We know that, for many people, the morning routine is an important…
  • Of leaves and taxes …

    -by Webmaster
    Older folks in our fair city are upset about the city no longer vacuuming leaves up in the fall. The city stopped the practice because the four vacuum trucks are…
  • Vandalism makes a poor weapon in a clash of ideologies

    -by Webmaster
    I received a call from Asheville GreenWorks today, informing me that the Adopt-a-Street signs for the WNC Atheists, which are posted on both ends of North Lexington Avenue, had been…