Movie Reviews

Close Up


With the possible exception of the other films of Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiariostami (with whom I am not familiar), you’re not likely to find anything much like Close Up, his 1990 offering. Apparently Kiarostami’s movies often take this same idiosyncratic approach: They’re documentary in nature, but not in execution — or at least not wholly. […]



That Sienna Miller’s character name, Francesca Bruni, is taken from the Bob Hope comedy Casanova’s Big Night (a film in which Casanova was played by Vincent Price — someone had a vivid imagination!) ought to clue critics in on the basic idea that Lasse Hallstrom’s Casanova is not intended as a biopic or an historical […]

Cartoon Madness


I remember when I saw my first Betty Boop cartoon. I was 18 years old and two friends and I were subjecting ourselves to what was billed as a three-day MGM 16-movie marathon at the University of South Florida. It started at 7 p.m. on a Friday and ended sometime on Sunday evening — with […]



Uwe Boll has made his masterpiece with his third video-game-to-movie opus, BloodRayne! In all honesty, if I thought for a minute this Roquefort-riddled camp-fest was as intentionally ridiculous, stilted, witless and over-the-top as it actually is, then I’d actually mean that. Well, almost. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that BloodRayne‘s engaging claptrap quality is pure happenstance […]

Brokeback Mountain


As things shook out, 2005 became particularly noteworthy as a year in which most of the better films were either political in content, or dealt with gay or GLBT issues. Of course, given the responses from some quarters, you could say that there’s no real difference between the two. There’s no question that Ang Lee’s […]